Corrupted Scourge Mortar Arrives From Bitspudlo

By Juan Lopez | October 4th, 2017 | Categories: Chaos, Game & Hobby Products, Tabletop Gaming, Warhammer 40k


Bitspudlo has given into corruption with the release of their Scourge Mortar on Hexy-Shop. Come take a look at this alternative mortar vehicle model!

Entitled the Prusack Scourge Mortar, this alternative Chaos mortar model is now available on Hexy-Shop and retails for $46. Cast from high-quality resin, it comes designed with a high degree of detail that Bitspudlo is known for. The kit contains 1 complete mortar vehicle with a dozer blade and assortment of hull and side mounted weapon options.


Scourge Mortar

Kit includes 1 complete Prusack Scourge Mortar heavy support vehicle. This kit includes all the weapons such as Corrupted Dozer Blade, powerful Scourge Mortar, 2 options of hull mounted support weapon – Triple Autocannon or Light Autocannon and 2 options for side weapons – Acid Sprayer and Atomizer Cannon.

Scourge Mortar back

It is dedicated for experience modelers as pieces may need some cleaning and filling before assembling. Cast from high-quality resin. Model supplied unpainted and requires assembly.

Master model by Hamster and Mateusz Gajos.

The Prusack Scourge Mortar is available now on Hexy-Shop. To see Bitspudlo’s full listing on Hexy, click here!

For more on the Prusack Scourge Mortar and other awesome bits, terrain, and more, visit Hexy-Shop!

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