Forge World Reveals New Character Model!

By James Rodriguez | October 23rd, 2017 | Categories: Forge World, News / Rumors, Warhammer 40k

Thunderhawks wallpaper Forge worldForge World just revealed the next new Character Series model. The Red Scorpions are going to be getting a great new addition.

Forge World was happy to announce that Carab Culln is back, and now he’s rocking a new look. Let’s take a look at what they had to say about the new Character Series model.

Carab Culln, Chapter Master of the Red Scorpions is back as you’ve never seen him before. One of the most exciting things about being a Red Scorpions fan is following the progression of the Chapter as the 41st Millennium grinds on. We’ve seen Carab Culln as Captain of the Red Scorpions First Company, as Chapter Master, and now, we’re getting him interred in a Leviathan Dreadnought.

Carab Culln the Risen Forge World

Carab Culln the Risen combines the might of a Leviathan chassis with some custom weapons utilising 41st Millennium tech, like a twin assault cannon. He’s a fantastic leader for a Red Scorpions army and a great way to continue the ongoing story of this hero of the Imperium.

The Red Scorpions are getting a great new addition with Carab Culln in a Leviathan Dreadnought. The Chapter Master of the Red Scorpions is getting a huge upgrade compared to his old model.


We already saw a preview of some of the other Red Scorpion models during the live stream on Warhammer TV. They have not yet announced the release dates for these new models:

Forge World Twitch Preview

Chapter Master Carab Cullin, and Captain Casan Sabius were also previewed during the Forge World preview. All of these models should be released within the next couple of months.

What do you think about the new Carab Culln in his Leviathan form? Are you planning on starting or upgrading a Red Scorpion army? Let us know in the comments below.

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