New Cygnar Units Coming This October

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October is shaping up to be a solid month for Cygnar with these awesome new releases. Let’s take a look at what is coming!

Cygnar continues to receive reinforcements from Privateer Press. The Cygnar Trencher Themed Box will released alongside the individual unit blister packs and box sets of the forces found within. Also being released are the Cygnar Trencher Lieutenant and Col. Markus Brisbane, both warcasters. These Cygnar units will be released throughout the month of October.

Patrol Dog: $8.99


Not all trenchers stand on two legs. Many companies have one or more patrol dogs assigned to them—eager canine soldiers that go through their own rigorous trencher training. Patrol dogs assist the infantry in several ways, lending their keen senses and unquestioning loyalty to their unit. Highly valued for their alertness, these dogs are also more than capable of defending their human masters, harrying the foe and even tearing out an enemy’s throat.

Trencher Long Gunners: $69.99

Trencher Long Gunners

To the trenchers, the staccato crack of rifle fire represents the familiar tempo of war. Trained in the use of repeating long rifles, Trencher Long Gunners provide their comrades in the corps with dedicated long-range fire support. These troops single out their targets and rain bullets on them from afar, cutting down ranks of enemy infantry with each fusillade.

Colonel Markus ‘Siege’ Brisbane: $27.99

Markus Brisbane

If there is one warcaster the trenchers would call their own, it is Colonel Markus Brisbane—the most decorated and universally respected of Cygnar’s veteran battle mages. Brisbane is a pure soldier through and through, a man who has never shrunk from danger or responsibility and who has earned a reputation for pragmatism and absolute dedication to the army.

Equipped with state-of-the-art weapons and equipment, Colonel Brisbane shatters the enemy’s lines and marshals his own troops to victory.

Commander Anson Hitch: $12.99

Anson Hitch

Commander Anson Hitch is a stern and uncompromising leader who has so thoroughly internalized the trencher creed that it might as well be the air he breathes. As a commander in the First Army, he has little interest in politicking or glory seeking. Hitch is a trencher, ready to join his men in the mud and intolerant of cowardice in his brigade or indecisiveness in his officers—or in himself. Soldiers under his command are expected to fight to their last breath, taking no prisoners and relinquishing no ground.

Trencher Warcaster Lieutenant: $14.99

Trencher Warcaster

No journeyman’s life is without peril, but some brave men and women opt to take a nobler and more dangerous path. Enlisting in the trencher corps upon completion of basic warcaster training, these junior warcasters specialize in wielding magic to aid their fellow soldiers. Trencher warcaster lieutenants bunker down with the grunts and help secure crucial ground on the field of battle. With the aid of the warjacks they command, these soldiers can often turn the tide of battle.

These Cygnar kits will be available throughout the month of October.

For more on the Cygnar forces and everything WARMACHINE, visit Privateer Press!

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