Wyrd Starts Worldwide Malifaux Campaign

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Wyrd Games has begun a worldwide campaign for Malifaux 2E that will determine the growth and direction of the Malifaux universe!

The campaign, named Homefront, will take place over five two-week blocks, for a total length of ten weeks. Players will play normal games of Malifaux and then report their results here. The campaign will center around three Syndicates: The Council, The Sandmen, and the Order of the Chimera. Here is what Wyrd had to say about Homefront.




The appearance of the Burning Man on Earth has led to conflict on a scale that hasn’t been seen since the days of the Black Powder Wars. By 1907, the forces of the King’s Empire and Abyssinia are engaged in open warfare with the scattered forces of the Cult of the Burning Man and the Gibbering Hordes.

The sensational newspaper headlines from Earth have played up this conflict, portraying it as the war to end all wars. This propaganda has left many of Malifaux’s residents concerned about the world they left. Most of them have families, holdings, or interests back on Earth and are concerned about the chaos that has engulfed their homelands. While most people in Malifaux do not have the resources or power to make much of a difference in the unfolding war, there are those whose influence can make a difference. The leaders of the various factions have access to the most valuable resource Malifaux has to offer: Soulstones.

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It is not easy to smuggle Soulstones through the Breach, however, let alone to get them into the hands of those who need them most. The growing desire of Malifaux’s wealthy and influential citizens to send remittances home has led to a new boom in the city’s smuggling operations. Three of these groups in particular are willing to help transport Soulstones and other material goods back to those on Earth…… for a price. Only one of these syndicates will get enough power and wealth to establish a power base back on Earth and take their place on the world stage. You must decide which of the three smuggling syndicates your Crew will support. With a little luck, the syndicate you are supporting will gain the strength it needs to survive the growing conflicts.

Campaign Rules

The Malifaux Homefront campaign will take place over five two-week blocks, for a total length of ten weeks. During each block, participants will play normal games of Malifaux and report their results, indicating which Malifaux Factions they played, who won, and which of the three syndicates each player wishes to support with their vote. Each player in the game gets one vote, regardless of whether they won or lost their game of Malifaux. The players must also give their forum names when they submit their results; players that are not registered on our forum will be unable to participate in the campaign until they are registered.

At the end of each block, the syndicate with the most votes will score 2 Strategy Points, and the syndicate with the second-most votes will score 1 Strategy Point. Then, the number of votes each syndicate received will be reset in time for the next block to begin. Once any of the syndicates reaches 5 or more Strategy Points, they will crush one of their competitors: the syndicate with the lowest number of Strategy Points will be eliminated and removed from the campaign. In the event that two syndicates are tied for the lowest number of Strategy Points, no syndicate will be eliminated until the tie is broken.

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In addition to this, each Malifaux Faction’s win rate during each block will also be calculated. There is a catch, however! If the winner voted for the syndicate that scored the most Strategy Points that block, their game does not count toward their Faction’s win rate for that block. Each block, the Faction with the best win rate, after the discounted games, will receive 2 Scheme Points. The next three highest-ranking Factions will each receive 1 Scheme Point, and the lowest three Factions will receive 0 Scheme Points. During Homefront, no player may play more than 5 games per two-week block. Only one player should report the match using the form below; please work it out between the two of you!


At the end of Homefront, the Faction with the most Scheme Points will be the Faction awarded next year’s Nightmare Box, which may be a Crew, a collection of models, or an individual model. They will also, of course, have the bragging rights that come from winning a hard-fought campaign. In addition to this, the syndicate with the most Strategy Points will rise to power and become the first universal syndicate* for The Other Side. If both syndicates are tied at the end of the campaign, the syndicate that received the most votes (over the course of the entire campaign) will be the winner.


In The Other Side, a syndicate is a limited-release Allegiance that allows other Allegiances to hire from them, similar to mercenaries. The Homefront campaign will see the creation of a new syndicate that will be able to work with any other Allegiance in the game (though not other syndicates), giving players of The Other Side even more choices in building their Companies.


The Council is comprised of the descendants and apprentices of the mages that first opened the Breach and discovered Malifaux. The Council has been waiting in the shadows for almost a century for their chance to once again rise to power. Using their powerful magic and the hoarded lore of Earth’s greatest shamans, spellcasters, and ritualists, the mages of the Council seek to use the plight of Earth’s people to catapult them back to power. The Cult of the Burning Man may be able to open portals between Earth and Malifaux, but the Council created the Great Breach when the veil between worlds was much less frayed and ragged. By turning the rituals and spells of the Burning Man’s cultists to their own purposes, these mages seek to move a great deal of supplies and Soulstones to Earth and in doing so, create a reliance upon them that they can exploit in the future. Once their power base is in place, the Council seeks to recruit a powerful individual into their ranks, a man who might use his knowledge and resources to give them an edge. Up until his recent arrest at the hands of Sonnia Criid, Victor Ramos ran the greatest smuggling empire that Malifaux had ever seen. In the eyes of the Council, that makes him a valuable recruit… once they have the strength to break him out of his Vienna prison.

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The Sandmen: His connection to the Dreamer, the Tyrant known as Nytemare learned of all the chaos and battles taking place on Earth. He reached out through the realm of dreams to touch the sleeping minds of soldiers, politicians, and strategists, and in each of their minds, he found the thing he craved the most: Fear. That might have been enough for Nytemare, had his influence not brushed against the sleeping mind of a Speckled Crawler, one of the fearful, brutal little monsters that made up the Gibbering Hordes. In the pathetic creature’s mind, the Tyrant could sense the subtle hand of his rival, Meridion. The more Nytemare touched the minds of the Hordes, the more Meridion’s influence became obvious, and the more he began to grow concerned that the other Tyrant was plotting something he could not sense on his own. Whisper by whisper, Nytemare moved from one delicate dreamscape to the next, sowing the seeds of his own influence throughout the people of Malifaux. There’s a whole world of minds in the grip of terror and panic, and Nytemare intends to capitalize upon it by manifesting on Earth and turning their worst nightmares into reality.


Order of the Chimera: For years, Marcus has been sending his research notes and scientific discoveries back to his students and academic peers in his home country of Egypt. With the onset of war, he has found an unexpected sense of nationalism growing within his breast. The increasingly aggressive stance of Abyssinia, not to mention the threat of the Gibbering Hordes, have transformed his homeland into a battleground, and he intends to use his strength and power to ensure that his homeland remains independent. Rather than return to Egypt himself, Marcus intends to use the Arcanist smuggling network to transport Soulstones and supplies back to his fellow researchers. Once they have enough of the magical gemstones, the Order of the Chimera can begin transforming the native creatures of Egypt into the dangerous monsters of myth. The Order will then march to war alongside these terrible creatures, ensuring that Egypt will remain in control of its own destiny… all while providing an interesting new environment for Marcus to test out some of his newer theories.

The Homefront campaign has begun and no player can report more than five games per two-week block. Start battling now for that precious Nightmare Box!

For more on Homefront and the Malifaux universe, visit Wyrd Games!

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