8th Astra Militarium VS. Chaos Daemons

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ig v daemons tournament 1The Astra Militarum have heard of a daemonic incursion on an unknown planet. Gathering their best forces, they swoop in to stop the daemons in any way!

Austin and Rob go head to head with tournament lists, pitting Astra Militarum against Chaos Daemons in a No Mercy mission. No Mercy is based entirely on kill points. The armies are deployed in a Front-line Assault format, with Astra Militarum taking the initiative and going first.

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Rob heads into battle with Astra Militarum, forming two battalions and one supreme command. These include: Celestine, Guilliman, two Earthshaker Platform batteries, three units of Scions, two Searchlight, three units of conscripts, two Commissars, two Astropaths, and five Primaris Psykers.

ig v daemons tournament 2

Austin is playing Chaos, with Renegade Command Squad with lascannons, three Sentinals, several Mortar Teams, several units of Brimstones, ten Pink Horrors, eight Malefic Lords, a Changling, and Aetaos’Rau’Keres the Lord of Change. The list has points left over, for splitting the Horrors, or summoning as needed.

Turn one, the Imperium sets off Smite several times, hitting the daemons with several mortal wounds. The Pink Horrors  took the hits and split into 20 Blue Horrors. First Rank, Second Rank orders are set up, to shoot twice against the Chaos, killing several. The Earthshakers fire at the Sentinals, killing one. Rob ends his turn one with three kill points.

ig v daemons tournament 4

Austin’s turn one, Chaos moves across the table to try to smite out some of the conscripts, taking down one unit of conscripts. Shooting phase, the Sentinel is able to take out one searchlight, use lascannons to remove an Earthshaker, as well as using the Lord of Change taking another Earthshaker off the table. The Lord of Change charges Saint Celestine, killing her though she does come back on a roll of two and sets up in the Chaos back field. Austin ends with five kill points turn one.

ig v daemons tournament 5

The No Mercy battle continues in a heavy head to head battle, matching various psykers’ abilities and having lots of fun with the Lord of Change’s various Tzeentch attacks, as well as attacking each other in all out, no holds barred shooting and charging. Lord Guilliman and Aetaos’Rau’Keres promise to have a few great bouts together in close combat. Who will prevail and gain the most kill points? Press play on the video below to find out!

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