All Tyranid Hive Fleet Rules & Psychics SPOTTED!

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Today we’re getting a look at all six of the new Psychic Powers and seven Hive Fleet keyword rules broken down from the new Tyranid Codex.

The following rumored rules teasers for Codex: Tyranids were spotted over on The Tyranid Hive, and there is a ton of new Warlord and Hive Fleet Traits that were teased. These are still just rumors, so make sure you add salt.salt pile

Here’s a few more tasty morsels that are supposedly from the new Tyranids Codex (edited for grammar and completeness):

I dont have the numbers but there are many reductions in costs for big bug melee and ranged weapons. eg. massive scything are now 10pts. massive scything talons in a pair are cheaper too (cant remember exact number). monstrous scything talons are much cheaper too. carnifex comes stock with tresher scythe which is now zero points and is the same wording as the hive tyrant. which is, it makes its profile attacks, which in the codex is 4, and then also makes the tail attack, which is now 1d3 attacks

Hive Fleet Gorgon


Hive Fleet Attribute: Re-roll failed charges.

Warlord Trait: A To-Wound roll of 6+ during the Fight Phase deals 1 additional damage.

Stratagem: Brute Force (1CP)
Use when a Benemoth unit successfully completes a charge. Roll a dice for each model in the unit that ended it’s charge move within 1” of an enemy model. For each roll of 6+, the enemy unit suffers 1 Mortal Wound. If the charging unit was a Monster, it instead inflicts a Mortal Wound on a roll of 2+.


Hive Fleet Attribute: Re-roll 1’s To-Hit during the Fight Phase.

Warlord Trait: At the end of the Fight Phase roll a dice for each unit within 1”/3”* of the Warlord. On a 4+ that unit suffers a Mortal Wound.

Stratagem: Hypertoxicity (1CP)
Use during the Fight Phase. Choose a Gorgon unit equipped with Toxin Sacs. The biomorph does 1 additional damage on To-Wound rolls of 5+ instead of 6+.


Hive Fleet Attribute: Re-roll all failed To-Hit rolls during the Fight Phase for units who outnumber their opponents.

Warlord Trait: At the beginning of your turn roll a dice for each Wound your Warlord has suffered previously in battle, on a 6+ it regains that Wound.

Stratagem: Endless Swarm (2cp)
Select a destroyed unit of Termagants, Hormsgaunts, Gargoyles, or any Hydra Infantry unit that has been completely destroyed. Add an identical unit to your army and set it up as reinforcements wholly within 6” of any board edge, and more than 9 inch from any enemy units.

Not sure if this is actually the Hydra stratagem, if it simply has a bonus when used by Hydra armies. The wording implies the later, but I couldn’t find another trait that specifically mentions Hydra in the leaks.



Hive Fleet Attribute: A unit with this adaptation (other than units that can Fly) always has the benefit of cover for the purpose of shooting attacks. If the unit advances or charges, however, it loses the benefits of this adaptation until the start of your next movement phase.

Warlord Trait: Enemy units do not benefit from Cover against attacks made by the Warlord or friendly units within 3” of the Warlord.

Stratagem: The Enemy Below (1CP)  Use this Stratagem during deployment when setting up a Jormungandr Infantry unit. Instead of deploying normal set this unit up underground. When you set up a unit of tunnellers (Raveners, Trygon, Trygon Prime, or Mawloc) any number of units that have been set up underground may deploy with them. Place that unit within 3” of the tunneller and more than 9” away from any enemy units.


Hive Fleet Attribute: Units may charge after Falling Back.

Warlord Trait: Choose a unit within 6” of the Warlord, it may fight first in the Fight Phase even if it didn’t charge.

Stratagem: Opportunistic Advance (1CP)  Use in the Movement Phase. Choose a Kraken unit that does not have the Fly keyword. When Advancing you can double number you roll when determining how much to add to the unit’s Movemnt characteristic.


Hive Fleet Attribute: If a unit does not Move, it may re-roll 1’s To-Hit when shooting.

Warlord Trait: If an enemy Psyker within 18” of your Warlord fails a Psychic Test they suffer D3 Mortal Wounds.

Stratagem: Against Shadows (1CP)  Use when an enemy psyker attempts to cast a spell within 24” of a Kronos unit. That psyker can only use one dice for their psychic test.


Hive Fleet Attribute: Each unit may re-roll 1 failed To-Hit and To-Wound roll when it shoots or fights (needs exact wording before confirmation).

Warlord Trait: After deployment, but before the first game turn, you may re-deploy your Warlord.

Stratagem: War On All Fronts (1CP)
Use during the Fight Phase. Select enemy unit within 1” of one Flying and one non-Flying Leviathan unit. You may re-roll all To-Hit and To-Wound rolls of 1 for attacks against the enemy unit made by friendly Leviathin units.

Tyranid Haruspex Wal Hor

Tyranid Psychic Powers

Warp blast is the same except at a unit of 6 it deals d3+3 instead of d3

1. Dominion
WC5. Nid unit within 36 inch have IB ability. Ignore moral test until next psyk phase.

2. Catalyst 
18 inch of psyk, select a unit to have 5+++

3. The Horror
6WC, unit within 24 inch visible to psyker. unit -1 hit and ld

4. Onslaught
6wc. 18 inch within psyker.
Shoot even if advanced , no penalty for move and shooting with heavy, or advancing and shooting assault weapons. Can charge even if it advanced but not if it fell back.

5. Paroxysm 
5 WC. Choose enemy unit within 18. Fight last.

6. Psychic Scream
5WC. Nearest enemy unit within 18 suffers D3 mortal wounds.
If that unit is psyker, roll 2D6, beat their ld, and they randomly forget 1 of their powers.

If these rumors are true, all the new tidbits look interesting for sure. The Tyranids are really looking like a force to be reckoned with, dishing out mass amounts of damage, and an army that just won’t go away. But, once again, these are just rumors, we don’t know anything for sure yet until we get our hands on the book.

Make sure you’re checking back in for more rules teasers, we’ll be putting them out as soon as we get them. You can also head over and check out our complete list of everything we’ve seen rumored so far from the upcoming Tyranid codex.

What do you think about the latest rules rumors for the Tyranids? Let us know in the comments below.

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