Carab Cullin, From Scout To Leviathan: LORE

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Carab Culln

Carab Culln is the current High Lord Commander of the Red Scorpions Chapter. He is known throughout the Imperium as a deft tactician.

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Carab Culln is the current High Lord Commander of the Red Scorpions Chapter. He is known throughout the Imperium as a deft tactician as well as a proud and courageous individual, traits which made him perfectly suited to the leadership of the Red Scorpions. Like all Red Scorpions he is extremely wary of abhumans, mutants and anything else deviating from the pure human form. Culln was inducted into the Red Scorpions from the primitive planet known as Zaebus Minoris. Zaebus Minoris is the homeworld of the Red Scorpions Space Marine Chapter and is a small, arid world with primitive tribes of humans. The traditions of Zaebus Minoris’s tribes tie into the recruitment process of the Chapter. Male infants are presented to the tribes’ temple at the first full moon of their lives. A few are taken by the “gods” — selected, after genetic testing, by Chapter Apothecaries as potential future Marines. Because these recruits will have had no experience with their parent culture, the Chapter is all the recruit will know.

Culln Badab War, Red Scorpions, Terminator Armor

Culln, like all Marines of Codex Chapters, started his Imperial life as a Scout, quickly rising through all possible ranks and eventually being made Captain of the 1st Company after the death of Commander Usaml on the Space Hulk Vulgator. Before this he served as Sergeant of the Vanguard (he fought, for example, during the Siege of Vraks as Veteran Sergeant of the Vanguard Veterans squad) and then as the Sergeant of the 1st Company Veteran Terminators. Culln was raised to the position of Chapter Master during the Badab War when Verant Ortys was slain in the infamous “Betrayal at Grief” incident. Culln also dislikes the use of camouflage, feeling that it is a form of cowardice and so treats the Tenth Company with disdain. Culln took command of the Red Scorpions mission on the fourth moon of Beta-Anphelion. His actions during this mission (namely evacuating only the Red Scorpions accompanying him and leaving Inquisitor Solomon Lok to die fighting Tyranids) has earned him ire amongst some factions of the Ordo Xenos.

Leviathan Dread Culln

After becoming Chapter Master, Culln also became commander of the loyalist forces where he proved to be a deft strategist, able to utilize the unique skills and strategies of the various chapters under his command. Culln refused to hide his presence and personally led several key assaults during the campaign, including the attack on Angstrom XIII. At some point after the Badab War, Carab Culln was grievously wounded and interred within the shell of a Leviathan Dreadnought. Culln wears a suit of ornate Terminator Armour into battle which incorporates a Teleport Homer and Iron Halo.

He wielded the Blade of Vord which is a relic of the 1st company and was originally used by Commander Vord. He also carries a Master Crafted Storm Bolter. With his rise to Chapter Master, he began carrying the ancient Blade of the Scorpion instead of the Blade of Vord. As a Dreadnought, Culln is equipped with a Leviathan Siege Claw, twin-linked Assault Cannons, and Hunter-Killer Missiles.


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