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Yet another amazing weekend has come and gone for the hobby, with a lot of news on everything Chapter Approved related. Come find out the latest updates.

This was a really busy couple of days for Chapter Approved news and rumors. So enjoy our recap on the all the coverage you may have missed!

GW Announces The Return Of Apocalypse

shadowswordChapter Approved will be released before Christmas this year, and it looks like we’re going to be seeing new rules to play games of Apocalypse.

GW Previews New Chapter Approved Missions

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Chapter Approved will be released before Christmas this year, and it looks like we’re going to be seeing 24 new missions for our games inside.

GW Confirms 11 New Faction Rules: Chapter Approved

ork warboss hor walChapter Approved is coming  and it looks like we’re going to be seeing expanded rules for eleven different factions inside of it, along with points changes.

GW Reveals Model, & Points Changes to 8th Matched Play

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Games Workshop just revealed more upcoming changes to matched play that will be appearing in the new Chapter Approved supplement.

BREAKING Chapter Approved Spoilers: FAQs & Smite

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Martin from Warhammer Community sat down with Pete Foley on Twitch to discuss Chapter Approved, Here’s some huge spoilers that have dropped already.

GW Reveals 14 Strats & Traits For Chapter Approved

space marine wal hor wideDon’t miss 14 new 8th Edition 40k Stratagems and traits that were just spoiled by Games Workshop on today on their live stream.

BREAKING: Chapter Approved Points Costs Spotted

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Warhammer 40k has changed forever! Get in here and see the big winners and losers from the 8th Edition point changes in Chapter Approved 2017.

There was so much content related to Chapter Approved over the last week. We got a look at point costs, stratagems, traits, some rules changes for different minis, a preview of the 11 factions that will be getting rules, missions, and the return of Apocalypse.

Wow so much happened, did you blink and miss it? Looks like there are a ton of changes coming in the new Chapter Approved? Are you looking forward to anything in particular?


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