Combat Transport Tactics: Star Wars Armada

By Barclay Montgomery | November 1st, 2017 | Categories: Star Wars Armada, Star Wars Tactics

The GR-75 Transport is often seen in the rear of Rebel fleets, avoiding combat. This GR-75 is Combat Retrofit and ready to head into battle!

The GR-75 Combat Retrofits is not normally designed for ship to ship combat, but this build will challenge the little Flotilla to get into the thick of it. The notable difference from the Medium Transport and the Combat Retrofits is the single blue die in the front and rear arcs.

The Quantum Storm is a title upgrade that can make the Combat Retrofits more maneuverable while it wades into combat. After you execute a maneuver you may exhaust Quantum Storm to execute a 1 speed maneuver with no yaw. This is a nifty little Engine Techs boost that can get you closer to the enemy, perfect for the next upgrade. Slicer Tools is an interesting Fleet Support card that kicks in after you execute a maneuver. You may exhaust Slicer Tools to choose an enemy ship at range 1-3. You may choose a new command on its top command dial. This is a great combo with Quantum Storm as it gets you close to enemy ships and can start messing with their command dials. This can be the perfect way to ruin the carefully laid squadron command that could be used to bomb your ships.  Since the Combat Retrofits only has 1 blue die in its front arc, it needs help from squadrons to get into the fight. Flight Commander allows you to activate a squadron command after you execute a maneuver. Keep a navigate token handy as you can use it to Quantum Storm, Slicer Tools, and activate squadrons all in one go!

Expanded Hangar Bay is a great upgrade for the Rebel flotilla as pushing 3 squadron around is a great force multiplier for your fleet. Bombers are the best things to hit big ships, so let’s recruit some Y-wings.

Norra Wexley is a great leader for our bomber squadrons. Her ability gives friendly squadrons at distance 1 of her gain the critical ability that allows you to remove 1 shield from the defending hull zone you are attacking. This may not seem like much, but when you use the ability, her black die could have the potential to deal 3 damage, 1 for Norra’s crit ability and 2 for the hit and crit.

A generic Y-wing squadron is a great wingman for Norra, being able to deal consistent damage that can eat enemies shield in no time. A hearty 6 hull can carry them through a fight to get to their bombing runs. Their black anti-ship die can activate Norra’s ability or deal a faceup if no shields remain in the defending hull zone.

Gold Squadron is a nice upgrade to the generic Y-wing. Having 2 blue anti-ship dice is a great way to get consistent damage in to enemy ships and activate Norra’s ability to eat enemy shields.

Is this the Combat Flotilla that you have been waiting for? Try this crazy build out and see if this little ship can surprise you with its capabilities!

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