Is the Eldar Lynx Back? 40k RETRO Showcase

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Lynx Glamour 2

Welcome back 40K Fanatics!  Today we have an awesome Miniatures showcase straight from the depths of Rob’s Eldar Collection!

These killer models are some of the first units Rob ever painted with his airbrush!  These fearsome models come loaded with some of the largest weapons the Eldar armory can supply!

The Eldar Lynx is an ancient war machine, much larger than the Falcon-pattern tanks more commonly found in an Eldar Host, yet smaller and faster than the mighty Scorpion and Cobra super-heavy Grav-tanks. A swift and elegant vehicle, manned by a single pilot and equipped with potent targeting systems, the Lynx with Pulsar is a deadly tank hunter. It is able to target the weak points of even the mightiest super-heavy war engines and is capable of high-speed flight due to propulsion technology far more advanced than the anti-grav systems used by the Imperium.

Double Lynx

Rob painted these twin vehicles up using a combination of Vallejo Air, Minitaire, and GW Citadel paints.

Lynx Glamour

These massive vehicles need to have suitable impressive flight stands.  To prevent breakage Rob rebuilt his flight stands using plastic tubing and rare earth magnets for a strong stable mount.

Heavy duty magnet base

The rules on these guys we’re beastly in 7th edition, how do you think they fared in 8th?

Lynx Rules

lynx rules

Check out the whole video by pressing play below!

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