How Many Points? Dark Angels Chapter: 40k Scale

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dark angels legion

How many points is this? Checkout this classic spread of what looks to be the entire Dark Angels Chapter from yesteryear.

A few years back I came across this chapter spread of the Dark Angels while looking for some other pics. I knew it wasfairly old judging from the models, but I had never remembered seeing it.
I know Games Workshop had the Ultramarines chapter deal in the White Dwarf for awhile, (and even thew in a pewter Thunderhawk model if you bought it all) but that was the only large scale mustering of models I remember seeing from back then.
Apparently after some Google-Fu it turns out this amazing Dark Angels muster was done by Games Workshop Italy for their Games Day, somewhere in the early 2000’s. Which makes sense because the Land Raider came out in the summer of 2000 IIRC, followed by the current plastic Rhino a year or two later.

Regardless this lost nugget of history is still awesome to see, and very inspiring to boot!
dark angels legion painted dark angels legion painted dark angels legion painted dark angels legion painted

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