New Tyranid Stratagems & Psychic Powers Spotted

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The new Tyranid Codex is only a week away and we have some of the new Stratagems and psychic powers. Come check them out!

Seen in a review by wintersSEO, the new Codex: Tyranids brings with it some great changes to how you will be playing your Nids with three pages full of Stratagems and three new psychic powers that will definitely be seeing use. Let’s dive in and see what is new!

Any Stratagem that has already been covered by Warhammer Community and by us at Spikey Bits will not be included.

Rapid Regeneration: For 2CP – At the end of your Movement phase, select a Tyranid model. It regains D3 wounds.
Metabolic Override: For 1CP – Use during your Movement phase after moving a <Tyranids> unit of your army. You can make a 2nd move with that unit, including Advancing. However, you must roll a die for each model in the unit. On a 1, the unit suffers a mortal wound. The unit cannot Shoot or Charge for the turn.
Pheromone Trail: 1CP – As long as you have a Lictor on the battlefield, you can put a <Tyranids> Infantry unit in reserve and have them appear within 6″ of the Lictor and more than 9″ from enemy models rather than following rules for setting up the unit. This occurs during Deployment.
Overrun: 1CP – Use this Stratagem when any <Tyranids> unit destroys an enemy unit in the Fight phase and is not within 3″ of another enemy unit. Instead of consolidating, that unit can move and Advance as if it were the Movement phase. It cannot move within 1″ of an enemy unit when doing so.
Voracious Appetite: 1CP – When a <Tyranids> monster or character is chosen to attack, you can re-roll all failed wound rolls for it until then end of the phase
Single Minded Annihilation: 2CP – Pick a <Tyranids> Infantry unit and that unit can shoot again.
Spore Field: 3CP – Use after both armies have deployed but before the battle begins. You can add up to two units of Spore Mines as reinforcements and set them up more than 12″ away from enemy models.
Death Frenzy: 2CP – Select a <Tyranids> character and when it dies, it can Shoot as if it were the Shooting or fight as if it is the Fight phase before it is removed from the battlefield.
Adrenaline Surge: 3CP – Pick any <Tyranids> unit at the end of the Fight phase and it can fight again.
Call in the Brood: 3CP – At the end of your Movement phase, add a new unit of 5 Genestealers to your army as reinforcements and set them up within 6″ of a Brood Lord or an Infestation Node and more than 9″ away from enemy models.
Endless Swarm: 2CP – Use this Stratagem at the end of your Movement phase. Select a unit of Hormagaunts, Termagaunts, Gargoyles, or any <Hydra> Infantry unit from your army that has been completely destroyed. Set up an identical unit as reinforcements within 6″ of any board edge and more than 9″ from enemy models.

Tyranid Psychic horror

Now, onto the three new psychic powers in the Hive Mind Discipline. The three found in the Index: Xenos 2 have not changed.

Dominion – Warp Charge value of 5 – If manifested, select a <Tyranid> unit within 36″ of the psyker that has the Instinctive Behavior ability. Until the end of you next Psychic phase, that unit ignores Instinctive Behavior and auto-passes Morale tests.
Paroxysm – Warp Charge value of 5 – If manifested, choose an enemy unit within 18″ of the psyker. Until your next Psychic phase, that unit cannot fight in the Fight phase until all other units have done so.
Psychic Scream – Warp Charge value of 5 – If manifested, select an enemy unit within 18″ of the psyker. That unit suffers D3 mortal wounds. However, if you target an enemy psyker, roll two dice. If the result is higher than their leadership, randomly select one of their Psychic powers and eat it. The enemy psyker will no longer have access to the eaten power for the rest of the battle.

So there are some of the new Stratagems and psychic powers that were mentioned in the review. What do you think of the Stratagems that you have seen thus far? Do they have you thinking about new strategies? Have the new psychic powers given you more options? Let us know in the comments below!

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