RETRO: Forge World Chaos Legion of Azgorth Showcase

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Previously know as Chaos Dwarves, the Legion of Azgorth was redone by Forge World in 2011. Checkout this awesome tabletop showcases for these cool models!.

The Legion of Azgorh was once the terror of the Dark Lands. Masters of murderous war engines and iron, their cruelty knows no bounds.

This showcase features Legion of Azgorh, the Chaos Dwarf legion available via Forge World. This army was painted by BTTQ. This particular army is based around the Iron Daemon War Engines and includes the Deathquake Mortar, Magma Cannon, Bull Centaur Renders, Drazhoath the Ashen, Shar’tor the Executioner, Daemonsmiths, and the K’daai Fireborn.

chaos dwarves 1

To see the entire closeup of all these units, and hear some great rules about them, scroll down and pres splay on the video below!

chaos dwarves 4

This list contains two squads of the Bull Centaur Renders (£64), which cost 180 points for three, but you will get a discount if you take more in a unit. These have move 7, and when paired with Bull Centaur Taur’ruk (£35), can charge if within 18″, using a command ability even if you ran. The Renders can reflect attacks with their shields, causing mortal wounds on a roll of six. Shar’tor the Executioner (£72), is 220 points and you can only field one in your matched play game. Shar’tor has an impact hit ability, has five attacks, hits on threes, -2 rend, and does 3 damage unless you roll sixes, then he does 4 damage. These guys are great for running up and getting into the face of enemies, leaving the artillery in the back to do all the fun, dirty work.

chaos dwarves 5

The artillery team has a few different options, included here. The Magma Cannon (£44) rolls to hit and does that many mortal wounds. The Iron Daemon War Engines (£59) are 280 points, and normally do 2D6 damage, and have range 14″, with a 4+ to hit, 3+ to wound, and -2 rend. The Dreadquake Mortar (£88) is 3’s to hit, 3’s to wound, -2 rend, D6 damage, and can fire indirectly. The model also has some great moving parts and customization ability. It can even be hooked to the back of the War Engine for some great effects that work with some abilities that work together. The Daemonsmiths (£23) are wizard units that have some neat buffs.

chaos dwarves 2

The K’daai Fireborn (£43) are squads of three for 160 points. They have an extra bonus to their save against weapons that don’t have a rend and they can be summoned to the battlefield as daemons. They hit on 3’s, rerolling ones, and hit on 4’s, no rend but do D3 damage. They can fly and move 8″.

chaos dwarves 3

Drazhoath the Ashen (£75), on an 80mm base, 320 points, and has a lot of neat abilities. He has fly, has movement 15″, and has great melee attacks PLUS he’s a wizard! He is a great miniature which will make an amazing centerpiece for your army.

There you have it! BTTQ’s beautifully painted Legion of Azgorh from Age of Sigmar, available from Forge World. To see the entire showcase, be sure to press play on the video below!

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