Tyranid Warlord Traits & Bio-Artifacts Spotted

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The new Tyranid Codex is only a week away and we have some of the new Bio-Artifacts and all the Warlord Traits. Come check them out!

Seen in a review by wintersSEO, the new Codex: Tyranids brings with it some great changes to how you will be playing your Nids with 12 Bio-Artifacts and 13 Warlord Traits. The Warlord Traits are broken down between 6 generic options and 7 Hive Fleet specific options. Let’s dive in and see what is new!

Let’s start off with the Relics that were mentioned in the review.

Miasma Cannon – automatically hits the target if it’s within 18″ and always wounds target, other than vehicles, on a 2+. It is Strength 9, -2AP, 3 Damage.
Reaper of Obliterax – Models with a lash whip or bonesword only. On a wound roll of 6+, the weapon inflicts double damage.
Chameleonic Mutation – <Kraken> model only. Your opponent must subtract -1 from all hit rolls made with ranged weapons that target the bearer.
Hyper Adaptive Biology – <Gorgon> model only. From the end of the first phase in which the bearer suffers any wounds, add +1 to its Toughness for the remainder of the battle.
Ymgarl Factor – Every time the bearer fights, you roll a D3. On a 1, they get +1 Strength. On a 2, they get +1 Attack, and on a 3, they get +1 Toughness.

Tyranid Warlord

Onto the the 13 Warlord Traits that offer solid options for any Tyranid player and many of them do stand out as being go-to options.

Alien Cunning – At the start of the first battle round but before the first turn begins, you pick up your Warlord and deploy him again.
Heighten Sense – Your Warlord never suffers any penalty to their hit rolls, save for Overwatch which is a 6+.
Synaptic Lynch Pin –  Add 6″ to the Warlord’s Synapse ability.
Mind Eater – Each time your Warlord slays an enemy character in the Fight phase, at the end of the phase it can move and Advance if you wish as if it were the Movement phase.
Instinctive Killer – At the start of the first battle round but before the first turn begins, choose an enemy unit. You can re-roll all failed hit rolls made by the Warlord that target the chosen unit or any unit that has the same datasheet.
Adaptive Biology – At the end of the first phase in which your Warlord suffers a wound, for the remainder of the battle when inflicting damage on your Warlord, reduce all the damage of any attack by -1 to a minimum of 1.

Hive Fleet Warlord Traits

Behemoth – Each time you make a wound roll of 6+ for your Warlord in the Fight phase, that attack inflicts one additional damage.
Kraken –  in the Fight Phase, you can pick one friendly <Kraken> unit within 6″ of your Warlord. That unit can fight first even if it did not charge.
Leviathan – Once per battle round, you can re-roll a single hit, wound, damage, Advance, charge, or saving throw made for your Warlord.
Gorgon – At the end of the Fight phase, roll a D6 for each enemy unit within 1″ of your Warlord. On a 4+, they suffer mortal wounds.
Jormungandr – Enemy units never gain any bonuses to their saving throws from cover for attacks made by the Warlord or any friendly <Hive Fleet> units within 3″ of the Warlord.
Hydra –  At the beginning of each of your turns, roll a die for each wound your Warlord has lost. On a roll of 6+, a wound is regained.
Kronos – Whenever an enemy psyker fails a psychic test within 18″ of your Warlord, they suffer D3 mortal wounds.

So there are some of the new Bio-Artifacts and Warlord Traits that were mentioned in the review. What do you think of those that you have seen thus far? Do they have you thinking about new strategies? Do you feel that you have more options and combos? Let us know in the comments below!

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