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Games Workshop got in the festive spirit today with their 7 days of Christmas video which teased new models for Nurgle including a Great Unclean One.

Wow we knew Daemons were on the way in January, but it looks like they are coming with Nurgle as their Herald! Checkout all the new units and what looks to be one piece of terrain that were just spotted in GW’s 7 days of Christmas video:

plastic nurgle daemon preview new models

A new piece of terrain, or something… else?plastic nurgle daemon preview new models

Two New Heralds of Nurgle?

plastic nurgle daemon preview new models

What looks to be Three Beasts of Nurgle with interchangeable top heads and hands (webbed and clawed)

plastic nurgle daemon preview new models

Some sort of drone riders with what looks to be non 40k type weapons. Perhaps an Age of Sigmar Release?

plastic nurgle daemon preview new models

And the big guy himself. The Great Unclean One based on posting and weapon load out:

99819915014 Great Unclean One

Wow what a big reveal from GW. Here’s some closeups for more of these units:

plastic nurgle daemon preview new models

plastic nurgle daemon preview new models

plastic nurgle daemon preview new models plastic nurgle daemon preview new models

great unclean one plastic new daemon games workshop

Well it looks like there are new beasts coming that we saw in a recent teaser video, but wow to see what looks to be a plastic Great Unclean One based on the dynamic posing is truely sight to see for any hobbyist.

I am sure there will be more teasers on the way from Nottingham in the coming days, and at the New Years Open next Monday as well.

Checkout the latest on the new Daemon previews by looking back at what we had seen already in the previous weeks:

It’s Warhammer TV’s 300th paint tutorial and they did it in style. Duncan can be seen showing us how to paint Nurgling skin on a little fella we haven’t seen yet. Take a look for yourself.

Can you believe it?
It’s Warhammer TV’s 300th daily bite-sized painting video.

To celebrate, we have a special episode where Duncan paints up an unusual minion of Nurgle…

New Nurgling

The new Nurgling can be seen riding on the back of a  fly with his tongue flapping in the wind.

Does the mount remind you of anything we’ve seen before? The Plague Drones of Nurgle (below) may immediately come to mind.

This teaser isn’t long after MiniWarGaming made a comedic video in the Games Workshop headquarters and we got a look at a new beast. Dave can be seen in the video sitting down to paint and giving us a clear view of a new Nurgle model we haven’t seen yet.


The new model is clearly Nurgle, this is the first we’re seeing of it, and it strongly resembles the ugliness below.

beast of nurgle

BeastofNurgle-resinPerhaps a beast of Nurgle maybe?

Could this have anything to do with the latest rumor with the new Daemons Codex rumor that we saw last month?

This is a rumor after all so make sure you add a plenty of salt, and by salt we mean is it:

fake or real

via anonymous readers on Faeit 212
Visited the 40k Open day with friends yesterday, and got a sneaky peak at the rear of the new demon codex. No pictures though! Can confirm a new Great Unclean One model, Horticulous Slimux is in there and some kind of new Nurgle demon I have never seen before. The GUO is very similar in size to the Forgeworld version. The New demon was similar to plaguebearers in height but a lot bulkier. Only one too, so could be a new character/herald?

Didn’t get a long look before being ushered away!

So, if this rumor is true, we’re going to be seeing the new Horticulous Slimux model, some new Nurgle Daemons, and a new Great Unclean One mini. But, will the new Great Unclean One be made out of plastic or resin?

We’ve already seen the release of the Horticulous Slimux model for Age of Sigmar, so if anything his rules will just be included for 40k.

Horticulous Slimux

This is the first we’ve heard of anything pertaining to new releases accompanying the Daemons codex release. But, given the source, we highly recommend you don’t take it as 100% truth. Once we find out more we’ll be sure to let you know. Until then, tread lightly on this one.

Are you looking forward to the new models that was teased in the video? What do you think about the latest recent rumors? Do these sound believable? Or is it simply another rumor that will not amount to anything? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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