Dark Angels Units & Point Costs Spotted

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Today we’re getting a look at all the points costs for the new Dark Angels codex book. Come see the big winners and losers points wise for the Unforgiven.

Scanner is at it again, and this time we’re getting a look at the new points pages from the upcoming Dark Angels codex. Let’s take a look.

Dark Angels Points PageCheckout Scanner’s gallery of new Dark Angels rules over on our Facebook Group Page

This is just the first page of three that were posted over on our Facebook group. Having access to the points and all the rules we’ve seen so far should give you enough to start building a list.

Dark Angels Wal Hor

Here’s some of the highlights on changes to points and datasheets that we’ve seen so far:

Points and Datasheet Changes

  • Ravenwing Black Knights are now 46 points, down from 50 (with both corvus hammers, and plasma talons included)
  • Ravenwing Talon Master is 174 with all weapons.
  • Interrogator Chaplain in Termi Armor is now 125 points, down from 128.
  • Interrogator Chaplain w/ Jump Pack is now 99, down from 101.
  • Ravenwing Attack Bike Squad is now 35 points, down from 45.
  • Ravenwing Bike Squad is now 25 points, down from 32.
  • Ravenwing Dark Talon is now 140 points, down from 180.
  • Ravenwing Land Speeder is now 70 points, down from 85.
  • Deathwing Knights and Deathwing Terminators can now combat squad if you have a unit of 10 of them. If you have a Watcher in the Dark, it must be split off into one or the other.
  • New Cataphractii and Tartaros Termies can combat squad as well but not take a Watcher in the Dark.

We’re seeing a lot of drops in points for the Dark Angels, so make sure you’re double checking your list, you might have more points available than you did before. Make sure you’re checking back in with us for the latest updates leading up to the release of the Dark Angels codex.

What do you think about the Dark Angels Codex? Were you hoping for more unique units, points changes, stats changes, etc.? Let us know in the comments below!

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