Junkyard Ghosts: Dirty Rusted Orks Army

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ork walpaper flash gitz

Orks come in all shapes and sizes…and colours. This fantastic painted army showcase shows another side of them and how some can survive even death!

The Wobbly Modelers have painted some amazing models, and these Orks are no different. These Orks are painted in the theme of cans and Junkyard Ghosts.

ghost orks

ghost orks 4

The Board itself was built up around the army as well and includes some amazing bits that bring the entire board together. The board bits include drop pods, knights, fire prisms, wraithknights, stompa bits, and tons more, all painted up and rusted out to resemble being part of a scrap heap. The display board is also  customized to have each base slot into a particular spot, making the entire thing look amazing.

ghost orks 2

The bulk of the army includes counts as Weirdboyz, Painboy, and four squads of Killa Kan with various weapons, two Deff Dreads, and the Meka Dread from Forge World. The Weirdboyz are painted up as little ghostlings, with the Painboy acting as the summoner for said ghosts. The Killa Kans all have great glowing pieces, as if they are powered by the ghostly energy, or being run by ghosts. The entire army is about 2000 points total, including supreme command detachments and spearhead detachments.

ghost orks 3

Armies like this is what the hobby is all about: converting up an army from scratch and putting lots of love into painting and customizing them to fit a particular vision. For more by the Wobbly Modelers, or to inquire regarding commissions, check out their Facebook page.

To see the entire review and up close of these models, be sure to press play on the video below!

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