New Dystopian Resin Terrain By HQ Resin

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HQ Resin has a new urban dystopian terrain kit that is now available on Hexy-Shop. Come see if this kit is perfect for your dystopian scenario!

HQ Resin is a great terrain company that has produced several great terrain lines that are made from high quality resin and have excellent detail. Their latest offering, the Urban Dystopia Diorama Kit, has everything you need to create your very own unique dystopian cityscape. It comes complete with 3 vehicle models and 82 other resin bits that will help you set the scene in your cyberpunk, post-apocalyptic, or dystopian future scenario. The bits in this kit compliment any 28-32mm scale models and can used as basing elements as well.


Urban Dystopia HQ Resin

The neon lights above the streets of the City are witnesses of various events and strange things. The brave police officers are going after the bad guys in the world of crime!
– Is that scenario you want to recreate?

This kit contains 3car models and 82 other resin elements that allow you to create dioramas or a realistic piece of the battlefield for tabletop miniatures games:

1 Crashed car
1 Truck 1x Police car
7 Barrels with toxic waste
18 Wheels (including 6 flat tire)
3 Sewer entrance
1 Shotgun in a cover
2 Beer crate
1 Sports bag
8 Hydrant
8 Road blockade
2 Rim
8 Traffic bollards
1 Police spike strip
8 Police barrier
1 Destroyed couch
1 Damaged armchair
1 Broken TV
10 Trash cans
1 Big bag of garbage
1 Stack of garbage bags

All elements are ideal for use with 28mm-32mm scale models as basing kits or diorama elements. Suitable for various games in different settings (modern, cyberpunk, post-apo, dystopian future). Elements supplied unpainted and may require assembly.

The Urban Dystopia Resin Diorama Kit is now available on Hexy-Shop. To see all of HQ Resin’s products on Hexy, click here!

For more on Urban Dystopia, other terrain kits, bits, and more, visit Hexy-Shop!

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