This is Dorn & He is For Sale?

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This is an amazingly sculpted likeness of Rogul Dorn, and yes he is for sale. Plus he is not alone. Come see some other very cool homebrew miniatures.

There has been an image of what looks to be Rogul Dorn going around the webs for about a week now, and some sites may not gotten the full memo about it, or chose to gloss over the fact that these pieces of art are for sale.


Another site also reported that Andrey Demidov sculpted this, and while he is quite a talented artist, this was not his work.  However he does have fantastic conversions that we feature from time to time like this pain train we featured a few months back:

warhammer 40k train conversion

Legio models however has been sculpting this new creation for a few months now, and now it looks like they are throwing their hat into the retail side of things and selling custom sculpted miniatures over on Legio Models to raise funds for an even bigger line of miniatures.

Checkout the Knight of Granite:

The Knight of Granite is ready for production, and waiting on orders to help fully fund him.

Currently they even have one model available right now for purchase, that may bear a striking similarity to a certain berzerker from the grim dark:

Behold the Prince of Blood:


The Prince of Blood is available now for $400 with EMS Shipping. If you’re into that out of box experience then they have a collectors box version also available.


Here’s an idea of what the fully produced figure looks like all painted up in classic reds.

So checkout their Facebook group and become part of the action today, and maybe hep fund a whole series of these models by a very talented artist!

Legion Models

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