The Fire Rages On: New GW Rumor Engine

gw store rumor engine

Another wild new rumor engine has appeared from Games Workshop. Come see the latest new teaser image that they just dropped on us.

Hot on the heels of the last image of what may be a future release, GW just dropped this photo on us.

Now of course they’ve said in the past they want to see some WILD NEW SPECULATION on the part of the community. So help us help them:

It’s 2018 and who knows what the year ahead may hold? The Rumour Engine does – here’s the first cryptic clue of the year:



This week’s Rumor Engine looks to be two different sets of flames, one behind the other… But who or what could they be coming from?

Or is that bark?? See you next week on the new Tuesday time slot for another game of ‘What am I looking at?!

cartoon ear whisper rumor

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