20 LIVE Rules Reveals For AoS Nurgle Maggotkin Book

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Warhammer TV just revealed some of the rules from the new Maggotkin of Nurgle book for Age of Sigmar. Come see what fun you can have in AoS, now with more Nurgle!

Martin and Adam sat down to discuss the new Age of Sigmar Nurgle rulebook: Maggotkin of Nurgle on their live stream Wednesday.

Here are some of the fun previews they gave regarding rules and abilities the followers of Nurgle:

AoS Maggotkin Nurgle

Allegiance Abilities

Gnarlmaw Nurgle

Cycle of Corruption: All effects happen at the start of your hero phase. Roll a dice at the start of the game to find the spot on the tree you begin. Each turn the cycle moves forward to the next ability.

  • Unnatural Vitality: add 2″ to the Move characteristics of Nurgle Units
  •  Fecund Vigor: add one to wound rolls of all attacks made by Nurgle units in the Combat phase.
  • The Burgeoning: roll a dice for each unit within 1″ of a terrain feature at the start of the Hero phase. On a 5+, enemy units suffer a mortal wound and Nurgle units heal one wound instead.
  • Plague of Misery: re-roll Battleshock test rolls of 1 for enemy units, excluding all Nurgle units.
  • Nauseous Revulsion: re-roll wound rolls of six or more for attacks made by enemy units, excluding Nurgle units, in the Combat phase.
  • Rampant Disease: at the start of the Hero phase, pick D3 different enemy units, excluding Nurgle units, within 12””in of each other. Each units suffers D3 mortal wounds.
  • Corrupted Regrowth: Nurgle units heal D3 wounds at the start of their Hero phase.

Garden of Nurgle: Every nurgle army gets to set up Feculent Gnarlmaw after setting up the terrain but prior to setting up the army and before choosing territory. The Gnarlmaw gives Nurgle units within 7″ of it get the ability to run and then charge.

General Abilities

Nurgle Blightking Wal Hor

There are three different categories for heroes, Rotbringers, Nurgle Daemons, and Nurgle Mortals. All three have access to three main abilities, then each subsection also has the ability to choose from three of their own, unique General abilities. Some are previewed here.

  • Grandfather’s Blessing: can move cycle of corruption at start of hero phase forward or backward by one, if General has not been slain.
  • Living Plague: For each enemy unit within 1″ your general, roll a dice. On a roll of 4+, that unit takes one mortal wound and you gain a contagion point. Contagion points are used for summoning.
  • Hulking Physique: add one to wound rolls.
  • Rotbringers also have access to Avalanche of Rotten Flesh, which adds two to run or charge roll for the General.
  • Nurgle Daemons have access to Pestilent Grip: pick an enemy unit within 6″ of the General, roll a dice for each model and on rolls of five the model takes a mortal wound.
  • Nurgle Mortals have access to Overpowering Stench: re-roll hit rolls of six for attacks that target your General during the combat phase.

Artifacts – Rotbringers

Nurgle Herald Wal Hor

  • Fecund Flask: Once per battle, roll a dice and on a 2+, regain all wounds lost. On a one, die and turn into a Beast of Nurgle.
  • Rust Fang: Start of combat phase, pick a unit within 3″ of the bearer and subtract one from that unit’s hit rolls for the rest of combat

Daemonic Boons – Artifacts for Nurgle Daemons

  • Wither Stave: Re-roll hit rolls of 6 for enemy units while within 12″ of the bearer.
  • Endless Gift: Start of battleshock phase, roll a dice for every wound taken by the bearer. On a roll of 4+, regain those wounds.

Artifacts – Mortal Heroes

  • Eye of Nurgle: Once per battle, at the start of the Hero Phase, roll 2D6. On a roll of 7, the closest enemy model within 12″ to the bearer is slain.
  • Carrion Durge: -2 Bravery for enemy units while within 12″ of the bearer.


Nurgle Herald Sigmar

  • All wizards know Foiled Regenesis: Move the Cycle of Corruption to another point
  • Blades of Putrification: casting 7, if cast successfully then a friendly unit within 14″ have hit rolls of 6+ inflict mortal wound in addition to any other damage.
  • Nurgle Daemon WIzards have Glorious Afflictions: 21″ range, casting value of 5, pick a visible unit. That unit’s move, run and charge rolls are halved until start of your next hero phase.
  • Mortal Wizards have access to Magnificent Buboes: pick an enemy hero within 12″, they take D3 mortal wounds and subtract one from all hit rolls and casting rolls until your next Hero phase.


plastic nurgle daemon preview new models

Thrice-fold Befilement:

Three Great Unclean Ones (can include Rotigus). Has two abilities: allows re-rolls of hit rolls of one while within 14″ of one other member of this battalion. If within 14″ of two, they can re-roll wound rolls of one as well. They also have PlagueStorm of Nurgle, if they successfully cast the Plague Wing (range 14″, straight line between caster and target. Nurgle units healed D3, non-Nurgle suffer D3 mortal wounds) spell while within 7″ of another model, the number of mortal wounds inflicted goes from D3 to 2D3. if within 7″ of two Great Unclean Ones in the Battalion, then the damage is increased to 3D3.

Plague Cyst:

A Lord of Plagues and three units of Putrid Blight Kings as base. Re-roll all failed hit rolls for units affected by Wanton Slaughter by Batallion’s Lord of Plagues (command ability for Lord of Plagues, re-roll ones if within 7″), instead of just re-rolling ones. In Hero phase, roll a dice for each enemy unit within 3″ of any units in this Batallion and, on a six, they take D3 mortal wounds.

Menagerie of Nurgle: contains Horticulous Slimux and allows him to set up a Feculent Gnarlmaw every turn, rather than solely once per battle.

Warscroll Previews

AoS Blightwar Nurgle

Great Unclean One: has the ability Reverberating Summons: Nurgle units within 7″ of a model with the bell add three to its movement characteristics until the end of the phase.

Rotigus: Has a spell called Deluge of Nurgle – casting value of 7, if it goes off, roll seven dice. If the dice roll is equal to or greater than the number in his damage table (which starts at a 4+ and increases to 5+ and 6+ as he takes damage), pick enemy unit visible to caster and it suffers D3 mortal wounds. This spell has no range and only requires visibility.

Horticulous Slimux: allows you to set up a Feculent Gnarlmaw within 3″ of him once in the battle, during the Hero Phase.

Plague Drones: three attacks for prehensile probiscus, one attack for plague sword, one attack for venomous sting. Locus of Contagion – if within  7″ of a Daemon Hero, they get +1 attack for each of their weapon profiles.

Lord of Afflictions: 8 wounds, movement 8″, bravery 10, 4+ save, has disgustingly resilient (5+ against mortal wounds), and regains one wound at the start of the hero phase. They have an Incubach, which allows you to roll a dice in the Hero phase for each unit within 3″, friend or foe, and on a 2+ that unit suffers a mortal wound. Nurgle units suffer a mortal wound on a 6 instead. Virulent Discharge, roll a dice for each unit, friend or foe, within 3″ of any friendly unit with this ability. On a 6+, that unit suffers D3 mortal wounds, and Nurgle units heal D3 mortal wounds. Their command ability: Spearhead of Contagion: pick a friendly blight lords unit within 14″ and add 8″ to their movement.

As well as a bunch of amazing rules, and awesome ways to combo extra movement for Nurgle units, there is a lot of fantastic lore to continue the story of Nurgle after his defeat in the Realm of Life.

Beast of Nurgle

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