New Year, New Releases From Dark Age

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dark age releases jan 2018

Dark Age has released several new kits, a Faction box and a unit box for the month of January. Let’s see what unique miniatures they have for us!

Dark Age is a sci-fi skirmish miniatures game that uses 28mm miniatures to fight over the land of Samaria. The rules are in a free, downloadable pdf if you are interested in learning the basics. Their first releases for the new year are here and consist of several kits, a unit box, a Faction box, and a secondary objective deck.

The miniatures are made from hard plastic and boast a solid amount of detail. Below is a selection of the January releases.

Dragyri Soul Wardens Box: $29.99


The Soul Wardens are the mystic spiritualists of all the elemental castes. Bringing a control and command of the elemental energies and the creatures they can summon, Soul Wardens are important psychogenic foci masters on any battlefield.


1 Male Soul Warden

1 Female Soul Warden Body

4 female Caste Head Options

2 50mm bases

35 Dragyri Psychogenics Cards

5 Dark Age unit cards

Skarrd Decay Cult Faction Box: $69.99


Created in the aftermath of an atomic detonation, the Cult of Decay takes the power of mass destruction and mixes it with Mother Blazon’s psychogenic necromancy to create a teeming mass of undying things. Taking the Skarrd ideals of evolution to a point beyond the grave, those who serve the Decay Cult are awash in radiation, mutation, and a relentless mission to send all life to the Beyond.


1 Mother Blazon

1 The Marius Project

4 Fallout

2 Reapers

1 50mm base

7 30mm bases

4 Dark Age unit cards

1 Gift of Evolution Card

6 Decay Cult Psychogenics cards

2017 Faction Specific Secondary Objective Deck: $4.99


A great new addition to the Dark Age gaming resources, this Secondary Objective Deck Add-On is focused on allowing players to tailor their decks to best fit the faction, not just the force, that they are playing at the moment. By adding additional objectives based on the narrative and abilities of the various factions, a player’s game can be made that much more flavorful and fitting to their playstyle!

COMPONENTS: 32 Faction Specific Secondary Objective Cards

January_Dark Age

These kits, cards, and more are available now to order. To see the full January release listing, click here!

For more on these new releases, rules, other miniatures, and the world of Dark Age, visit Dark Age!

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