Nurgle’s Lost & the Damned: Realms of Chaos

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realm of chaos lost and damned

Talk about a blast from the past! Take a look back at the all the great Nurgle, Tzeentch and Emperor of Mankind lore from 1990’s The Lost and the Damned 40k flashback.

Released in 1990 as a follow up to the book Realm of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness, The Lost and the Damned goes into a ton of lore and great views of old models. Take a look back into the past with this quick overview, then be sure to get your nostalgia on and press play on the video below!

The Realm of Chaos: Slaves of Darkness was a show exclusive from Warhammer World on 40k Open Day in 1988. Lost and the Damned came out two years later and had a big format change in those two years. Slaves of Darkness has a lot of background lore on Grey Knights and the Inquisition, plus things from Warhammer Fantasy. The Lost and the Damned goes more in-depth to the Emperor, the battle of Terra with the Emperor vs. Horus, the Horus Heresy, the Eye of Terror, the Star Child, and much more.

lost and the damned

Lost and the Damned is about 300 pages and was written by Brian Ansell and Rick Priestley, as well as many other authors and artists lending their talents to this book. The book starts with the introduction to the Realm of Chaos, the powers of Chaos, the background of Nurgle and Tzeentch, and more lore regarding the wars. At this point, though, Fantasy Battle and 40k were still combined together and just starting to separate into their own entities. A lot of the book has great artwork and lore, showing where the games that are enjoyed really began.

lost and the damned ind daemonsAfter the lore, the book goes into some amazing images of the old models for the Chaos champions, including the Great Unclean Ones, dioramas of different battles, Tzeentch Sorcerers, spawns, the different glyphs and banners for each model, and Renegades (the start of the sassy Nurglings). After the models, the book goes into Chaos Warbands and how to field each different types, including Ogres, Centaurs, Cultists, Undead Champions, and much more.

lost and the damned eye of terrorLater, the book goes into lore regarding the Emperor, the birth of Slaanesh, and the Primarchs. The fluff goes into Sanguinius being the one to show the Emperor that Horus was truly lost to Chaos, showing great old artwork of the beginning battle between father and son. After, the book goes into the Star Child, going into rules that have not been seen in years. Chaos Armies of Nurgle and Tzeentch have their model rules and point values towards the back, going into very familiar territory with the different models and characters available.

Be sure to watch the entire video for more great shots of the book, spots to read different pages, and feel the nostalgia of 1990 Warhammer.

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