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Warlord Games has announced a new kit for Hail Caesar is on pre-order. Are you ready to fend of or lead the invasion of Britain!

In 43 AD, the Roman Army landed in the south of Britain, looking to add it to the vast empire of Emperor Claudius. Now, with the Roman Invasion of Britain Starter Set, you can relive those famous battles of conquest by the Roman Empire and the heroic defense efforts made by the fiercely independent British tribes. This starter set contains 43 Roman Legion miniatures, 80 Celtic Infantry, softback rulebook, dice, decals, and more. This kit contains a mix of hard plastic and metal miniatures.

The Roman Invasion of Britain: $112


In 43 AD the Roman army landed on the south coast of a small island called Britain seeking to add this latest territory to Emperor Claudius’ vast empire – an empire that already spanned much of the known world.

The Roman Invasion of Britain starter set contains:

  • Softback A5 Hail Caesar rulebook
  • Quick start guide
  • 80 hard plastic Celtic Infantry
  • 40 hard plastic Roman Legionaries
  • Hard plastic Roman Scorpion catapult & crew
  • 1 metal Imperial Roman commander on horse
  • 1 metal Celt chieftain on horse
  • Celtic and Roman waterslide shield decals
  • Twelve 6-sided dice
  • Reference sheet and casualty counters

The Roman forces, spearheaded by the legionaries in their segmented armour and large scutum shields, were highly trained, equipped and disciplined. Backed by the deadly Scorpion catapults how could these barbarians stop them?

Arrayed against them the fiercely independent British tribes – many daubed in woad war paint and with spiky, limed hair – determined to retain their own rule. Each warrior a skilled, ferocious fighter defending their home and family, they would make these Roman invaders pay in blood.

This Hail Caesar starter set allows you to build your forces – both Roman invader and defiant Britons – as you fight for control of the island in massed battle!

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

 Roman Invasion of Britain Starter Set is available now to pre-order online or at your FLGS. It is slated to release in mid to late January 2018.

For more on this starter set, Hail Caesar, and other great miniatures games, visit Warlord Games!

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