Let’s Get Cracken! Star Wars Armada

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The Hammerhead Corvette remains a persistent threat to the Imperials in this sector of Armada. General Cracken is here to make the fight more difficult for the Empire!

General Cracken is a crafty admiral that takes advantage of smaller, quicker ships to win the day. While a friendly small or medium ship is defending against a ship, if the defender is at speed 3 the attack is treated as obstructed. This can further extend the life of small ships that make speed a priority in their battle maneuvers.

Once such ship that can flourish under the leadership of General Cracken is the Hammerhead Scout Corvette. By cranking up to top speed, this ship can be obstructed from enemy attacks, and hopefully remain at long range from enemies. This can make them even more difficult to land a hit.

To make these little ships even more durable, go with Task Force Antilles. This title upgrade allows you to share damage amongst ships to extend their defenses. Whenever a ship suffers damage in TFA, you may choose and exhaust a copy of this upgrade on a friendly ship at distance 1-3 and it suffers 1 of your damage instead. This can spread the damage around and keep your ships in the fight longer.

Now that their attack approach is covered defensively, Slaved Turrets can give them an effective damage boost. 2 red dice base, plus 1 from Slaved Turrets and a potential Concentrate Fire command can pack a serious punch from a small ship. Approach an enemy Star Destroyer in a pack of 2-4 Hammerhead Scouts with Task Force Antilles, and you can weather the storm and dish out your vengeance against the Empire!

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