B-Wing Alpha Strike: Star Wars Armada

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The mighty B-Wing is the most feared Rebel squalor in the Armada universe, but they are super slow. Come and use this tactic to negate their biggest weakness!

The Rebels have a new plan to defeat the new Star Destroyers that have been added tot he Empire’s fleet. The lumbering MC80 Command Cruiser may seem like an unlikely candidate to outmaneuver the much faster Star Destroyers, but Admiral Raddus has a plan! 

Admiral Raddus, the hero of Rogue One, is an admiral with a plan to take down the Empire. Before deploying fleets, you may set aside a friendly ship, and at the start of any round, you may deploy that set-aside ship at distance 1 of a friendly ship. This is a brilliant way to outmaneuver your opponent, especially with the slow and purposeful MC 8- Command Cruiser. Use Admiral Raddus on a small and quick ship, like a Corvette, and get into the perfect position to jump that MC80 right where it can do the most damage!

Since the MC80 Command Cruiser has squadron value of 4, Rapid Launch Bays would be a great upgrade to put on it. Before deploying fleets, you may set aside a number of friendly squadrons up to your squadron value next to your ship card. As a squadron command, you may place those squadrons at distance 1 of the Command Cruiser. This is another way to get some slow moving, but powerful squadrons onto the battlefield in just the right place. 

B-Wings are incredibly strong as bombers in the Rebel fleet. 3 blue anti-squad dice and 1 blue, 1 black for anti-ship dice make for a well-rounded bomber that can pack a punch. The only drawback is its lethargic speed of 2. With the Rapid Launch Bays on your MC80 that is being hyperspace jumped in with Raddus, the speed 2 will be no problem. 

To delay your bomber punch until you have softened up your target, go with a Flight Commander. Enter the battlefield at distance 1 of a friendly ship with Raddus’ ability, fire upon your target with a broadside of 3 blue and 3 red, execute your maneuver, and then resolve your squadron command with 4 B-wings, totaling 4 blue and 4 black dice. That kind of alpha strike power can cripple any ship the Empire has in their fleet. The key to victory is to outwit and outmaneuver your foes. Admiral Raddus is the fish man with the plan!

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