Custodes BIKES! Vs. Daemons: 8th Ed. Battle Report

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The proud Adeptus Custodes zoom into battle against the mighty Chaos Daemons in a 12 Command Point narrative battle. Who will emerge victoriously?

Juice and Phil, from Dark Bunny Creatives, go to battle, leading the forces of Chaos against the mighty Adeptus Custodes. These two armies are battling it out with 12 Command Points each in an Open War battle. The Open War cards have various scenarios that can happen during their use. They contain deployment, objectives, twists, ruses, and sudden death decks. For this battle, the Objective chosen is Invasion (an objective marker is set up in the players’ deployment zones and if someone controls both at any point, game automatically ends at the end of their opponent’s turn) and the Twist is Restoratives (each player can pick a unit to regain D3 lost wounds at the start of their turn).

dark bunny custodes valloris

Phil is showcasing the Adeptus Custodes in two detachments. The Outrider Detachment consists of three units of Vertus Praetors with Hurricane Bolters and Shield-Captain on Daeneagle Jetbike. The Vanguard Detachment consists of two units of Wardens, one with Guardian Spears and Axes, the Vexillus Praetor in Terminator Armor, andCaptain-General Trajann Valoris.

chaos daemons vs custodes

Juice is hosting an army of Chaos Daemons, pulling units from both Tzeench and Nurgle’s respective forces. For Tzeentch, the Fateweaver leads a Batallion with a Changecaster, two squads of ten Brimstones, twenty Pink Horrors, 145 points for summoning or splitting horrors, eight Flamers, two Exalted Flamers, and seven Screamers. For Nurgle, the Great Unclean One leads the charge, a Poxbringer, ten Plague Bearers, and two squads of three Nurglings.

Deployment starts with Juice using two command points to put the Nurgling units into deep strike. Phil has three units in reserve: Wardens with axes, Valoris, and the Vexillus Praetor. Juice seizes the initiative and the Daemons go first.

custodes bikes attack daemons

Turn one, Juice moves slowly, keeping bubble wraps tight to prevent deep strikes into the backfield and keep the powerful characters alive. In the psychic phase, the Fateweaver buffs his friendly units and smites one of the bikes for three wounds.

Phil’s turn one, the Custodes heal the mended wounds due to the Twist for the game. The bikes move forth and attack, taking down both Exalted Flamers and several Flamers. The bikes charge in, avoiding all overwatch attempts, and take down several Brimstones, Pink Horrors, and Plague Bearers.

Heading into turn two, the daemons are down quite a few of their swarm…will they be able to turn it around? Will the Daemons be able to withstand the onslaught of bikes? Will the Custodes slice down the Daemons for the Emperor? To find out, be sure to press play on the video below!

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