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Come see the new Games Workshop product releases for Forgebane and Black Library that are on the way for this week’s pre-orders, with confirmed pricing.

Multiple retailers have confirmed the new pre-orders and prices. Let’s take a look at what’s coming up from pre-order this weekend.

Warahmmer 40,000: Forgebane $160


Titans’ Bane (Audiobook) $17.50


An Astra Militarum audio drama

Trapped inside a stricken Shadowsword, Lieutenant Quiller must keep her crew safe from harm – both from the enemy and vicious infighting.

It’s a tense drama set in the close, cramped confines of an Imperial tank.

Following a ferocious battle against Nurgle’s hordes, Lieutenant Quiller and the crew of Titans’ Bane are trapped inside the stricken Shadowsword. With her Cadian unit half-depleted, Quiller is forced to rely upon Paragonian and Mordian replacements. Vicious infighting within the tank soon becomes as dangerous as the enemy outside. In order to survive, Quiller knows she must remind her men that loyalty, camaraderie and self-sacrifice in the name of the Emperor transcends all planetary customs and patriotism.

Written by Chris Dows
Running time 46 minutes. Performed by Ken Bradshaw, Cliff Chapman, Steve Conlin, Matt Huntbach, Penelope Rawlins & Andrew Wincott.

This title will be available to order from the 17th March as an MP3 and CD

So this week releases is the new Forgebane box set and a new Black Library audiobook coming our way for all of the lore fans out there. But, how does the price of the box compare to with our very own Robby B’s predictions?

Forgebane Back

According to GW last week:
Forgebane is a great place to start a Necron or Adeptus Mechanicus army (or both!), and the set will cost you less than getting everything inside separately, and that’s BEFORE you count the new Cryptek and Imperial Knight units.
So let’s break down the contents of the box, at retail prices, to see just what that magical number is GW is hinting at.
Mechanicus forces:
10x Skitarii $39
1x Techpriest Dominus $36
2x Armiger Warglaives $??
Necron forces:
1x Cryptek $??
5x Lychguard $33
5x Immortals $33
3x Canoptek Wraiths $47
Total Retail Pricing of what we know $188


Now judging by their previous core bundle deals like Blightwar, Deathstorm, Stormclaw, Prospero / Calth, and even the Battleforces (to a certain degree at $170), GW has been on a trend to build in a 40-50% retail bonus value over the full retail price of all the contents broken down separately.

For instance, the Blightwar box saw a total retail value of $320 for the standard $160 price tag.

Forgebane Contents

If that pricing trend stays constant, and from the clue above, we can make some deductions:

$188 in retail value for the items we that have existing retail prices, plus what we can probably safely assume will be a $35 retail price tag for the two sprue clampack Cryptek model, brings the total retail up to $223.

From there some quick math doubles the $160 MSRP Forgebane cost up to $320 retail value (for a 50% bundle savings), and $320 minus $223 is roughly $100.

$100 divided by two for the dual Armiger Warglaives nets you…. $50 each.  (((airhorns)))

One other clue perhaps that this $50 pricing is close to on point is the fact that the Ad Mech Dragoons that they share some design characteristics with are $49 retail by comparison. They both appear to be two sprue kits as well from the pictures spotted at GW above of the contents.

Only time will tell if our pricing predictions are correct, but at the very least they are in the ballpark as the Forgebane box set per GW is $160. So if the new Knights are more expensive than $50 each, they won’t be by much really.

The new Forgebane box set looks like it’s going to be must-have for Mechanicus and Necron players. Are the Armiger Warglaives going to in fact cost $50 each? Robbie B was spot on thus far with his $160 prediction for the Forgebane Box.

Make sure you check back in with us later this week for the description of these new items and links to where you can pre-order yours.

What do you think about this week’s new releases? Are you looking forward to picking up your Forgebane box set?


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