22 Rumor Engine Pics: Can You Identify Them?

gw store rumor engineCan you make the I.D. on the outstanding 22 rumor engine pics? Today we’re going to break down what we’ve seen from the Deepkin, and what may still be a mystery.

Games Workshop has consistently put out a teaser image every week know as the rumor engine.

Even now, some of the images are still a mystery as to what they belong to or a part of, but there are a lot of pictures that we can now identify after seeing wave 1 of the Deepkin.

We’ve created an image breaking down all the rumor engine pictures over the last couple months, showing us exactly what they belong to, and what has still yet to be identified.

Have at it:

Unknown Rumor Engine Pics

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Let’s take a closer look at the unresolved pictures and see if you can’t help us identify them. There might be something in recent announcements that may just spark an idea of what these could be? Starting oldest to newest, let’s take a look.

Rumour Engine

Last week was a mechanical hatch that we thought was Dwarven, and this week is looking like it has a Dwarven feel also. What could it be though?

Rumour Engine May 24

This is probably one of the most difficult Rumor Engine pics we’ve seen so far. Maybe a tire or tank track of some sort? That looks like a rim on the right side.

June 21 Rumour Engine

This could be a number of things… Husks, pincers, a shoulder pad, or even something Nurgle related…

June 28 Rumour Engine

Is that a lion head with an Aquila in its mouth, or is that something related to the Stormcasts for Sigmar? Possibly part of a chest plate?

Rumour Engine Aug 23

This looks to be a double barrel gun of some sort. Possibly belonging to the Dwarves or maybe something more manly? Necromunda perhaps? Haven’t we already seen this one?


This week’s picture looks like a weapon of some sort, but who does it belong to? It looks like it could belong to the man in the mirror at the bottom left, or maybe to some Shadowkin? Some have claimed that it belongs to the new Khinerai minis from the Daughters of Khaine releases, but the weapons the Khinerai are holding do not have the spikes at the top of the blade.

Also, after a really close comparison with the Idoneth Deepkin previews, we have not been able to spot it in their releases either.

Rumour Engine Oct17

Here we’re getting a look at a candle with the flame blowing in the wind. This could be either Warhammer or Age of Sigmar, maybe held by a model to give the appearance of them being in motion. What do you think?

Rumour Engine Nov7

This looks to be a rose on a vine of thorns. Could we be getting the first look at new Sisters? We’re eagerly waiting to find out!


This looks to be a pointed blade of some kind… That looks like a soulstone on it. Could this mean more Eldar on the way?


This one looks to be two different sets of flames, one behind the other… But who or what could they be coming from?

Jan23 RumourEngine

This looks to be a horn, almost Chaotic. Or it could also be a tentacle…


This one appears to be a wooden structure, possibly a piece of terrain. No matter what, it looks like it’s going to create an epic game of hangman. Just don’t guess the wrong letter or it could be your last…


It looks like an article of clothing with some chainmail, but it gives nothing away as to who it could belong to. Perhaps something Undead?


This Rumor Engine is definitely a clock, but it gives nothing away as to who it could belong to. Perhaps it’s an updated version of the Sector Mechanicus terrain…

Sector Mechanicus

Everything on the clock is exactly the same, except for the time it’s pointing to, and what it’s mounted on.


This one looks like the back end of a weapon of some kind, possibly belonging to the Tau. Or, it could be a Primaris Plasma… Only time will tell.

Feb27 Rumour Engine

This looks like part of a Knight. Could it belong to the new Knight Armiger previewed during the Las Vegas Open last month? Or does it belong to a new Knight we just heard rumors about?


This Rumor Engine looks like it could be part of a shield with an hourglass and the word Mortis across the front, which is Latin for “of death”.

This looks like it could be part of something mechanical that’s chain driven.

This Rumor Engine looks like it might belong to something that doesn’t walk on two legs… Is it some kind of new terrain, an underwater creature, spiky hair on a beast? Only time will tell if this, in fact, Sonic the Hedgehog.


This looks like it could be hair of some sort? Don’t forget that GW likes to flip the picture around to different angles, so we could be looking at the image sideways.


And lastly, we’re getting a look at bars of some sort? Could it be a gate, a window, or something completely different? Hopefully, we find out one day…

There is still so much to be discovered. These unidentified images look to be all over the place, and not geared towards any one specific faction. Is anything new coming to mind when you take a second look at these?

What do you think these could be?

cartoon ear whisper rumor

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