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hor of space marine and chaos

The time is now, Warhammer TV will be going over the new FAQ’s for 40k LIVE, and we are covering the event live as it unfolds starting at 11:30 EST.

The wait is finally over, and we’re now covering the live FAQ reveals that Pete Foley and Jes are going over on Warhammer TV.

40k FAQ Future

Images via Warhammer Community posted after the live preview.


11:30 Waiting for the event to start after stream crash at 11:15

11:35 Matched Play Rules Changes (official updates)

  • Smite +1 Warp Charge to cast each time you cast. ( different than beta rules)
  • Targeting Characters: Can only target if closest model even if you cant see, and characters do not block targeting to other characters.

11:45 FAQ Changes

  • Battalions from 3 to 5 and Brigades from 9 to 12 command points
  • only one save allowed after an unsaved wound is applied. No more stacking FNP’s and things.
  • Key unit point changes. Guiiilman, flying hive tyrants, dark reapers all getting increases.

11:53 Event Guidelines

  • Rule of 3: You can only use the same datasheet up to 3 times in matched play.

11:57 Next Beta Rules (Proposed by GW not official)

  • Soup: No longer use Imperium, Chaos, Aeldari keywords to build your list. You can still include sisters of silence, assassins, units that may not have an HQ etc.. So “soup lists” look to now need to be made via separate detachments.
  • First Turn (Alpha Stike): Fully half your army has to be on the table (deploy on the table) by power level, or unit number. if a unit comes in the first turn it must do so in your deployment zone. (some things like cult ambush exempt)
  • FAQs coming soon, along with new Forge World updates.

12:05 Games Workshop’s site is currently down for maintenance

13:05 Site is up, and FAQs are live.

Remember to check back later today for our complete breakdown of the need to know FAQ changes.

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