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The moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here! The Big 40k FAQ is finally available and it looks like the meta has changed once again with points increases and adjustments to matched play.

Games Workshop just dropped the Big 40k FAQ, and with it are new point changes, new beta rule tweaks, and additions, as well as some a new set of beta rules for consideration later this year.

Let’s dig into the new changes:

New points changes:

Interim Points Review 40k

There’s been a decent amount of points changes, but some of the big ones we heard about on the Warhammer TV live stream may surprise you. Guilliman has gone up again and he will now cost you 400 points, the Dark Reapers are now 12 points each, and the Hive Tyrant with Wings is now 190 points base.

For Chaos players, it looks like Tide of Traitors is getting a little bit of a NERF as well:

tide of traitors

From now on you will only be able to use the Tide of Traitors Stratagem once per battle.

Previous beta rules are now official, with a +1 to cast adjustment for Smite:

smite character faq rule

New changes to the amount of the same unit you can take as well are herer, but be sure to note the asterix.

rule errata organized events 3 datasheets

New Benefits for Battalion and Brigade detachments:

Now let’s jump into two new Matched Play rules that are now in BETA status.

40k FAQ Future

First up is a proposed change to Battle-Brothers.

Battle Brothers

Battle Brothers is now going to make it so that Battle-Forged armies must have at least one faction keyword in common, but there are restrictions now..

Those keywords cannot be Chaos, Imperium, Ynnari, or Tyranids unless the Detachment is a Fortification Network. The reason behind this, according to what was said on the Warhammer TV live stream is to help fix the “soup” problem.

Tactical reserves

Tactical Reserves, in a nutshell, is making it so that half of your army must deploy on the battlefield. This is means at least half the total number of units in your army must be set up during deployment and the combined Power Ratings of all units must be at least half of your army’s total Power Level (i.e. 50 PL of a 100 PL rating), regardless if your army has an ability that would allow them to be set up elsewhere. Additionally, in Matched Play games, if you arrive to the battlefield in turn 1 you must set up inside your own deployment zone, with the exception of the GSC Cult Ambush ability. Any unit not deployed by the end of the third battle round is considered destroyed.

This is just a couple examples of changes that can be found in the Big 40k FAQ, both BETA and otherwise. So, head on over to see all of the other changes, including some new beta rules for you to try out.

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There’s been a lot of changes with the latest FAQ update and we’d like to hear what you think. Are you happy with the changes to Matched Play? Is there something you wanted to see changed but wasn’t?

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