Top 3 FAQ Changes To the Tau: Breakdown

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Tau Wal HorThe latest Big 40k FAQ has changed the meta of almost every army in the game, and the T’au is no exception. Come take a look at the Top 3 FAQ changes to T’au breakdown. 

Obviously, the biggest changes are of course the Rule of 3, and the new way “arriving from reinforcements” works vs units that start on an off the table; which is pretty much as clear as mud at this point between Pages 4 & 6 of the Rulebook FAQ vs. all the comments and posts by Games Workshop on their 40k Facebook page.

All that aside we can say with some certainty that these are the biggest changes to the T’au specifically in their FAQ:

Page 93 – Commander in XV86 Coldstar Battlesuit,
Wargear Options
Change the first bullet point to read:
• This model may replace its high-output burst cannon and missile pod with two items from the Ranged Weapons and/or Support Systems lists.’

It looks like the days of four weapons suits surging ahead 40″ and unleashing hell with fusion are still here. But swapping out the missile pod and keeping the high-output burst cannon is no longer possible. Now you must swap both out to bring two items from the Ranged Weapons and/or Support Systems lists.

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The second is big nerf is fixing an exploit to the Stimulant Injectors.

Q: In Index: Xenos 2, the Stimulant Injector was a piece of wargear that I could purchase for certain T’au Empire units. In Codex: T’au Empire, the Stimulant Injector is no longer a wargear option, but instead there is a Stimulant Injector Stratagem. Can I continue to use the Index: Xenos 2 datasheets in order to purchase Stimulant Injectors for my units, as per the ‘What datasheet rules should I use?’ flowchart?
A: No. You cannot purchase Stimulant Injectors anymore and the rules for Stimulant Injectors as presented in Codex: T’au Empire (i.e. the Stratagem) take precedence.

The way the flowchart used to work was you could still take the old Stimulant Injectors and just heal suits because they were in the Index and per that flowchart, it was legal. Well, Games Workshop put a stop to that one.

Last, but not least, markerlights.

Prior to this FAQ it wasn’t hard to get anywhere from 3-5 markerlights from one shot. However, this note in the Chapter Approved FAQ has taken care of that. High intensity markerlights are now not included in Uplinked Markerlight Stratagem.

Overall, these are three big changes (not counting the other myriad of rules changes) and it looks like T’au players, just like most other armies, are going to have to rethink their lists and strategies. But, we wouldn’t get too comfortable, if this is what we can come to expect for the Big 40k FAQ’s then we could be seeing another change in the meta later this year.

What do you think about the latest Big 40k FAQ? Were these changes that needed to be made for the T’au? Or do you think it was too much and unjustified?

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