Age of Sigmar: New Sylvaneth Rules Preview

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Sylvaneth are next in line for Age of Sigmars 2.0 rules preview. Let’s take a look at what these spirits of the forest will get in the new edition.

Warhammer Community gave us a heads up of what kind of tricks the faction previously known as the Wood Elves will have.

sylvaneth 1

Sylvaneth in AoS 2.0

Sylvaneth players are going to have a blast summoning in this edition. This could be one of the more powerful summoning rituals we’ve seen so far.

sylvaneth skill

Being able to heal EACH unit within 30″ of the model with this ability is already fantastic. But being able to freely summon 1 of 6 different units for FREE?? Imagine thinking in your head “I really need to tarpit that unit over there but I dont’t have any units to sacrifice….oh wait, let me crap out a freaking Treelord for free to deal with it”. This ability is only once per game but the power that you get from it makes it balanced.

Spirits of Durthu and Kurnoth Hunters are also getting a points decrease to pack more into your army.

Hypersnare Seeds & Entangling Blade

For the Sylvaneth that hail from Ghyran, you’ll be able to take Hypersnare Seeds and the Entangling blade.

sylvaneth HSS

Did you know that AoS is a game with a lot of charging units? You can make that one less. It goes off on a 5+ so it’s a bit of a high risk-high reward artifact.

sylvaneth entangling blade

If only it was -1 to hit for each hit you made. But that would be too ridiculous. This artifact is still fantastic because there’s no need roll for the blade (other than to hit). But this is going to be going on a hero anyway so you’re going to be hitting on 2’s and 3’s.

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Who are the Legions of Nagash?


In Shyish, the dead do not rest easy. Once, this realm was a place of final endings. Now, the underworlds are pressed into service as their resources are crafted into strange arcane machineries and the dead are turned into soldiers by the god of Death himself – Nagash, the Grand Necromancer. From the lowliest Skeleton Warrior to the fiercest Mortarchs, the undead strive relentlessly to bring Nagash’s vision into being across the Mortal Realms.

The Dead Will Rise in 2.0

endless legions aos

As we talked about before, summoning is coming back and it doesn’t cost you any points. The Legions of Nagash will benefit the most from summoning and raising things from the afterlife. The Endless Legions command ability allows you to take a unit that was completely destroyed and set it up at a graveyard. But wait, it gets better.

Being that you can use more than one command ability, you can bring back up to 3 units in a turn.

Thought Skeletons were weak?

Being that you can use more than one command ability on a single unit, you can beef up one group into a nightmarish whirlwind of bony attacks.


you can stack command abilities and spells to pull off some pretty evil combos worthy of the Great Necromancer himself. Let’s say we’ve got a block of 40 Skeleton Warriors with spears. Usually, you’d be getting 120 attacks off of these guys – pretty solid stuff! But it gets better…Firstly, by using the Vampire Lord’s Blood Feast ability, we can give every model in the unit an extra attack, before giving them ANOTHER with the Wight King’s Lord of Bones command ability. That’s us up to 200 attacks.


Combo this with Lord of Nagashizzar’s command ability to get even more attacks, that’s 240 attacks in a unit of 40! You can even have them reroll failed hit rolls with a Vampire Lord on a Zombie Dragon and his ability.

Spells of the Dead


.Apparently 240 attacks and rerolling isn’t enough, so this spell lets them attack twice. now, this has a casting cost of 6 which is easily manageable on two dice. But if it goes off (it probably will), the unit gets to pile in and attack twice.


We don’t know the casting cost of this spell is or the range, but its pretty nasty and seems similar to the Ravening Hunger spell for the Orks.

ork spelll aos

nagash wal

Miss the talk about free summoning earlier? It’s right here for you.

Warhammer Community released the news on the new summoning interactions and mechanics.

Summoning is now Free


The big change for matched play, though, is that summoning now no longer costs reinforcement points! Instead, you earn your summoned units with in-game actions: bloodshed, spreading plague, mastering magic, and other thematic goals. For some recent armies, this ability works just like it does in your battletome today (but free!). For others, their unique summoning ability will be rolled into their army’s new allegiance abilities, which will be found in the General’s Handbook 2018.

You heard it right. Summoning doesn’t cost any points now. View summoning as a reward for serving your Chaos God well, or collecting the right kind of energy if you’re a Seraphon player.

The Hosts of Slaanesh, for example, revel in suffering and pain, both given and received, so they generate points when their Heroes deal or receive wounds which do not slay their target. Meanwhile, the Seraphon generate points by performing rituals with their Slann Starmasters and Saurus Astrolith Bearers.

This is such an exciting mechanic because it adds even more of a degree of fluff into the game. You don’t have to worry about paying points for summoning and you can’t just spam things that got summoned either. It looks like they found a delicate balance between the two options.

What are your thoughts on Sylvaneth? What artifact will you be taking? Let us know in the comments over on our Facebook hobby group.

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