GW Exclusive Sly Marbo Unboxing & Build

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sly marbo

AHHHHHHHHH! Don’t miss a piece of exclusive GW history as we unbox and build Sly Marbo, plus compare him to his old figure and go over his new rules for 8th Edition Warhammer 40k.

Sly Marbo is back in resin or the material formerly know as Finecast. We compare the new version to an older pewter version, and boy, are the times-a-changing. Incredible detailing on the model with some great adds to the base.

Really, the quality of this miniature just blows away its predecessor.

Old Sly Marbo Vs. New Hotness:

sly marbo side by side

Marbo did take a point increase, but in our breakdown of these rules, we find that it most likely won’t hold you back.

However, with the new FAQ, the Catachan keyword creates a little restriction on how you play him. And while Sly Marbo can’t issue orders, it might be better that way. There’s really no telling what kind of orders he would actually issue given the ability.

Sly Marbo Rules

sly marbo rules

We do find a slight departure in his wounding abilities, nixing the chance to throw a demo charge and have it scatter back and hit him in the head from the last edition. Overall, his usefulness as a disruptive element on the tabletop is definitely worth the investment.

Be sure to hit play on the video below to check out the full unboxing, build, and review of this sneaky, sneaky little zebra.

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