GW Teases Rules For Kharadrons & Purple Sun!

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purple sun

AoS is heating up as Purple Sun is back! Plus GW previews Kharadron Overlords in today’s latest rules teasers for Age of Sigmar.

Warhammer Community let us in on how these dwarves will do combat.

Who are the Kharadron Overlords

kharadon overlord

The Kharadron Overlords are mercantile skyborne duardin who have mastered the use of aether-gold – a magical material seeded through the very clouds of the Mortal Realms – through esoteric technology. With this power, they have built an empire in the skies, forged on their strange science, enormous fleets of airships and the Kharadron Code – a set of strictures that governs the behaviour and relationships of Kharadron society (though they are somewhat open to interpretation).

Kharadron Overlords in 2.0

kharadon overlord


Grundstok Thunderers are a standout unit in the new edition of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. These guys have always been a reliable source of heavy firepower for the Kharadron Overlords, and now, their ability to Retreat rather than pile in during the combat phase is key. With the new shooting rules meaning that units in close combat can only shoot at units they’re engaged with, this is going to be essential for ensuring that nobody locks your Grundstok Thunderers down, allowing you to focus your fire on the targets you want.

These guys are devastating at-range. The good thing is that since they can retreat, you’ll be able to keep the enemy in your threat range. Choosing to not fight back in combat will keep these guys alive and shooting.

kharadon overlod 2

The opening of the Sarcosanct chamber means you’ll be able to take Wizards as allies. Giving you the ability to cast some pretty wicked spells unlike before. If you don’t want to ally in some Stormcast Eternals, you can always bring an Aetheric Navigator with the Alchemical Chain relic.

alchemical chain

You can put up your safety nets against armies like Seraphon to try and disrupt their spells. The good thing is that they may be able to deny two things if they’re a Wizard!

It’s important to note that any army that hails from Chamon can take this relic!

Gunhaulers Point Reduction

kharadon overlord 4

Gunhaulers are getting a massive point reduction at -80 points. They will only cost 160 now! The Arkhanout Frigate and Ironclad are getting similar point reductions. If you’ve got a Skyfleet-based army, you’ll be able to cram more floaty goodness into your lists.

Endless Spells

malign sorcery

Endless Spells are spells that continue on the tabletop rather than ending immediately. Predatory spells will be able to be moved by both players during their turn to represent the wild and random nature.

Instead of casting a spell, your opponent may take a turn attempting to banish the spell from existence. The only trade-off is that he can’t cast spells afterwards for the turn.

purple sun

This thing is a killing machine. Just be careful because your opponent can use it against you! Anything it manages to wound successfully is getting slain or suffering 2D6 mortal wounds and it subtracts 1 bravery.

Balewind Vortex

Balewind Vortex

The Balewind vortex is getting a complete overhaul with now being another endless spell. This isn’t a predatory spell so you don’t have to worry about your opponent being able to move your wizard around on top of this thing, but he can dispell it.

What do you think about the preview? Will you be taking a Skyfleet? Time to add a caster to your list now?

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