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The Mon Calamari people are fed up with the Empire and have decided to take the fight to them! This build will be paramount in the tough battles ahead in Armada. mc80 cruiser

The Mon Calamari fleet is ready to bring about some change, in the form of aggressive negotiations. The MC80 is the perfect flagship for this and can be built in several ways, but this build will focus on the Mon Calamari Exodus Fleet title and what it can do for the Rebels. mon calamari exodus fleet

Mon Calamari Exodus Fleet is a 5 point title that can be equipped to any ship with MC in its name. These title cards work in much the same way that the Task Force Antilles title works for Hammerheads. They require you to exhaust cards in other like-titled ships in order to gain its effect. As an Engineering commands, you may exhaust another copy of MCEF on a friendly ship at distance 1-4 to gain 2 additional engineering points. This allows you to get a super boosted Engineering command that can bump the MC80 up to 6 Engineering. This can recover 3 shields or remove 2 damage cards or be used to further aid your fleet. projection experts

With Projection Experts, your MC80 can send 2 shields to another ship at range 1-5. As an Engineering command, you may spend 2 engineering points to send that many shields to your targeted ship. With Engineering 6, you can throw 2 shields, and heal those 2 shields or use those extra engineering points however you wish.mc30c torpedo frigate

The perfect companions to your MC80 Exodus are 2 MC30 Torpedo Frigates. These nimble small ships can gain a huge advantage with extra engineering. With plentiful shields, MC30s rely on their Redirects to keep them alive. Being able to get up to 5 Engineering puts them into Interdictor territory for shield recovery. These bad boys just got way harder to take out. assault concussion missiles

To help you take out enemy shields in no time at all, equip your MC30s with Assault Concussion Missiles. If you are going with Torpedo Frigates, Ordnance Experts is a must have for black dice rerolls. What you can get from ACMs is more damage for your crit dice. Each hull zone adjacent to the defending hull zone suffers 1 damage. It’s a way to negate your enemy’s Redirect tokens that would otherwise keep their ships alive. They will run out of shields before they can cancel your damage.

heavy turbo laser turrets

To also make your enemy ships feel even more helpless, Heavy Turbolaser Turrets can seal the deal. These turbolasers make it so that the Brace defense effect cannot reduce the damage total by more than 1 unless it is the only defense token spent by the defender. This can force your opponent into hard decisions that will have them taking massive damage regardless of what they choose. If they decide to use their Brace, they will have to deal with the overflow of damage from your ACMs.

This Rebel fleet has the endurance and the punch to fight it out with the Empire. Make use of the Mon Calamari Exodus!

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