Battle of the Worst: Grey Knights vs. Space Wolves

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Is it the battle of the worst? Draigo and the Grey Knights take on all the Space Wolf characters minus the old wolf himself in this no holds barred report to see who’s the best of the worst.

Juice hosts a fantastic battle with Grey Knights, lead by Wes, fighting against Space Wolves, lead by Austin. The mission roll-off is Secure and Control from the Eternal War table. With this, each player sets up an objective marker in their deployment zone. Vanguard deployment is selected. Austin and the Space Wolves win the seize roll to go first.

grey knights battle report

The Grey Knights are bringing a battalion featuring a ten man Strike Squad, a five-man Strike Squad, a Terminator squad, three Paladins with halberds, two Razorbacks with lascannons, a Rhino with stormbolter, a Dreadknight, and a Grand Master Dreadknight. Draigo joins the fray in a supreme command detachment. 

space wolves battle report

The Space Wolves have a Supreme Command with Ulrik the Slayer, Njal Stormcaller, and Ragnar Blackmane. As well, Canis Wolfborn, a Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf, and Wolf Priest lead battalion and outrider detachments. The outrider detachment contains twelve Thunderwolf Calvary with storm shields and Fenrisian Wolves. The battalion has grey hunters.

Austin’s first turn starts with running across the board and hiding in ruins as best as possible. The wolves are also spread out to help prevent deep strikers out of their deployment zone. Since there are no long-range weapons with the Space Wolves, the goal is to survive turn one shooting from their opponent.

sw vs gk

Wes’ first turn aims to get in range of the wolves with some bolters. Gate of Infinity goes off on a Strike Squad, landing behind some wolves. Wes gives the squad salvo ammunition stratagem, firing everything into the wolves, killing twelve wolves. He also charges the remaining wolves and wipes them out, capturing the objective.

The Grey Knights are off to a good start, but will they survive the gnashing teeth of these sons of Fenris? Press play on the video below and find out who comes out on top!

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