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horus heresy wallpaper

We run down the latest Forge World Horus Heresy updates from yesterday and go over the new release from Forge World for 30k, and Lord of the Rings as well.

If you missed yesterday’s stream, we’ve got it here for you along with some other new releases today. Almost 900 people tuned in to WarhammerTV to watch what’s coming up from Forge World.


Horus Heresy Latest

horus heresy walpaper

Coming from the Forge World team themselves, they answered strongly…NO. Horus Heresy is NOT dead and it’s NOT dying.

Some people were worried about why models were disappearing from the Webstore. On the stream, they said that models get removed and updated. That doesn’t mean that the game is dying and it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to find the models again. It is only an update to the existing models and remolding takes time.

Forge World representatives also said that Horus Heresy is STAYING in 7th edition. They believe that 7th edition works better for Horus Heresy rather than 8th edition. They had just produced the rulebook so the current edition will be sticking around.

Just for added security in your hobby, the Horus Heresy rulebook was the number 1 seller on the Forge World site last week.

A new Rulebook?

forge world stream book 8

Book VIII, Malevolence, will be primarily about Blood Angels & White Scars. In addition, there will be a focus on Alpha Legion and Space Wolves.

forge world stream book factions

forge world stream book factions 1

forge world stream book factions 2

There are stronger and more different Daemons battling out of the warp against the Legions, and these Daemons will be a standalone army. The Daemons of the Ruinstorm will be creatures of the warp working in unison from all parts. Not just under any Chaos Gods control. This book will contain rules for the Blood Angel and White Scar Legions and the Ruinstorm Daemons.

The exciting thing about the Daemons is that they can’t be summoned like other normal Daemons.

New Models for Horus Heresy

New models are on the way! The Forge World team previewed a handful on the slideshow during the Twitch stream. Right now, there are no set dates for the release of the models but they’re definitely confirmed.

forge world stream model 1 alpha legion

Alpha Legion Praetors

forge world stream blood angel cataphractii

Blood Angels praetor

forge world stream scorio

forge world stream scorio

Scoria model for Dark Mechanicum

Dark Mechanicum players will love to take Scoria as a centerpiece to the army.

forge world stream sister of silence

Sister of Silence

Sisters of Silence are getting some love as well. Jenetia Krole is coming too, and her rules can be found in book 7: Inferno. Excitingly enough, she will come with a secondary headpiece without a mask.

forge world stream land speeder old

forge world stream land speeder old weapons

Land Speeder with MKII Marines

The new Land Speeder kit will come with all kinds of different weapon options, and pays homage back to the original MK1 pewter design from 30 years ago:

Very soon, the Land Speeder will be receiving similar treatment, as this classic design is brought to life in glorious resin. The new Forge World Land Speeder captures the spirit of its progenitor perfectly – while the mould lines may be crisper and the detail a lot sharper, there’s no mistaking the influence of Rogue Trader here:


forge world stream mole

forge world stream mole

Mechanicum Mole

The Mechanicum are getting their own version of a Termite, which looks like it’ll be a tunneling monstrosity.

This last hulking model isn’t coming to 30k at all, but it was shown on the stream so it’s important.

necron LOW 2

necron LOW

Necron Lord of War

Questions From the Community

During the stream, the Forgeworld team answered some of the questions that the community had about the future of the game. Here are some of the answers they gave.


  • Where is the FAQ? : The FAQ is under development. stay tuned for it to drop. There is no set date yet.
  • Will Dark Mmechanicum have new rules in the book? No, there will be a separate book for them in the future
  • Will Armigers come to Heresy? Possibly. There may be some Armiger-esque kits on the way. Maybe an early model Armiger prototype.

Acastus Knight

  • Does the new Mechanicum Knight have a name yet? Not yet, the name is under development.

Primarch Lion El Jonson Wal Hor

  • Are there plans to release the Lion Primarch?  Ultimately, all of the Primarchs models are coming to lead their legions into glorious battle.
  • Will there be more plastic kits coming for Heresy? There should be some coming down the line for plastic. It depends on the resources available at the time.
  • Any Xenos races coming to Heresy? No, there won’t be any Xenos models on the Tabletop for Heresy.
  • Are Legion-specific Praetors coming? Yes absolutely, All Legions will have their own Praetor models.
  • Will old models come back? Some models were old and outdated. The models may have been out for quite some time and deserve an update. Rest assured, they will be coming back.

New Forge World Models Today

For Lord of the Rings fans, Goblin hordes are available for preorder. Coming in a single squad for 40£ or 3 squads for 120£

Goblin Mercenaries 40£lotr goblins

lotr goblins 2

Goblin Mercenaries

Following the death of the Goblin King at the hands of Thorin’s Company, the Goblins of Goblin Town have joined Azog’s forces at the Battle of the Five Armies. Eager to avenge their fallen king, these mercenaries have been provided with better equipment than that of the Goblins still in Goblin Town and can arrive at the battle seemingly from out of nowhere. The promise of revenge was enough to convince their leaders to take up arms against the Dwarves. Life in the Misty Mountains has made the captains of the Goblin Mercenaries more cunning than those they command, able to launch ambushes from seemingly impossible situations.

The Future of the Horus Heresy Community

Thursday games night on Twitch will be exclusively about Horus Heresy every couple of months.  Ultimately, Horus Heresy is alive and well. Hopefully, you’ll believe it by now in the light of all the new previewed models and confirmed Primarchs on the way!

The Forge World team also mentioned that they wanted players to keep playtesting the rules and giving them feedback for the best gaming experience.

What models are you most excited about? What Primarch are you wanting next? How do you think these Ruinstorm Daemons will play on the tabletop?

Let us know in the comments over on our Facebook Hobby Group.

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