Forge World: New Pre-Orders & Last Chance Leftovers!

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Thunderhawks walpaper1 Forge World

New releases this week from Forge World are finally here, and there are still some Space Marine Last Chance left-overs for your consideration as well!

This week’s new releases are a slew of upgrades for Vukan’s Salamanders, as they are styling and profiling once again.

It’s been a little while since they’ve put something new out, but we’ll get you back up to speed with a look back at Alpharius and the last batch of new releases!

Primarch Alpharius-£75

alpharius FW

Of all the Primarchs of the Legiones Astartes, Alpharius is without doubt the most steeped in mystery, legend, contradiction and deliberate falsification. Clad in armour forged in the manner of some terrifying beast of ancient Terran myth and armed with a fearsome panoply of weapons of unknown provenance, Alpharius bestrides the battlefield like a figure from legend. Like the hydra he and his Legion take as their symbol, in battle Alpharius fights by repeated attacks from multiple and unexpected quarters. None can predict where or how the Primarch will strike, what weapons he will bring to bear or which of his many different forces will fight at his side. In many cases, the enemy are not even aware they are fighting until the very moment battle is joined, at which point they are already doomed to total and utter defeat.

Lernaean Terminators– £60

alpha legion FW

Though the Alpha Legion maintains and fields the entire spectrum of Legiones Astartes unit configurations, few know of the Lernaean Terminator Squads. This is not because they seek to obscure their existence, but rather because they rarely leave behind any witnesses of their deeds. The Lernaeans are, like the beast that is their namesake and the icon of the Legion, an unformed legend and the object of shrouded dread. In battle they advance relentlessly upon the foe, descending with controlled fury and slaying any enemy not driven to rout before them. Having secured their objective, they hold it stubbornly against all counter-attacks, like the great beast with its jaws clamped firmly about its doomed prey..


Legion Headhunter Kill Team– £72.50

alpha legion FW 2

Hot on the new releases charts from several weeks ago is everything Alpha Legion, but this week it’s all about the Salamander upgrades!


Style & Profile for the Forge Father

Salamander door sets for Land Raiders and Rhinos are coming out including the Deimos pattern Rhino. They are available for pre-order now and will ship on June 29, 2018.

Land Raider door set 1 -£14

land raider salamander 1

Land Raider Door Set 2 -£14

land raider salamander 2

Rhino Door Set  -£14

rhino salamander 1

Deimos Pattern Rhino Door Set -£10

rhino deimos salamnder door

The Salamanders are known for their craftsmanship and metalwork. It only makes sense to have the baddest Salamander detailing in town. Make sure the Heretics know who they’re messing with when you roll up in a Rhino and flash these doors.

Last Chance to Buy

last chance to buy 6-22-18

They haven’t updated their last chance to buy section from last week yet but everything is sold out except for these two characters. Who knows how many more are in stock so you may want to grab them while you can.

horus heresy walpaper

If you didn’t catch the Warhammer TV Twitch stream, they announced that new units and models are coming to Horus Heresy. When will we start to see these new items pop up? It’s exciting times for Forge World and Horus Heresy players alike.

Keep checking back with their website. We may start to see them sprinkling the previewed units into the store as early as next week.

Forge World Age of Darkness horus heresy rulebook

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