New Stormcast & Nighthaunts Releases for July

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New Stormcast & Nighthaunts Releases for July

Games Workshop has a whole lineup of new releases for Age of Sigmar coming at you next week. Wave two is on the way for Stormcast Eternals and Nighthaunts in July!

With the release of the new edition of Age of Sigmar, GW has all these goodies available for pre-order next week.

Looks like Nighthaunts are getting some reinforcements from the Soul Wars box, and both are getting some dope accessories to go along with this week’s release of the new edition as well!

New Stormcast & Nighthaunts Releases for July:

nighthaunt stormast eternals

For those of you who truly want to show your dedication to your chosen army, both of these battletomes will be available in lavish limited editions. Featuring special treatments of the cover art, gilt-edged pages and a ribbon marker, these versions of your battletome are strictly limited – once they’re gone, they’re gone.

battletome limited edition

New rules for the Nighthaunts, who haven’t seen their own Battletome yet. Plus the Stormcasts get book number 3 replacing two previous battletomes and the Extremis book as well. Which are you down for, vanilla or super collector edition?

Endless Spell Expansion

endless spell expansion

Each Endless Spells expansion contains ALL the endless spells specific to your faction, while the warscrolls are available to download free when they’re released. Each set of endless spells is as wild and wonderful as those found in the Malign Sorcery set – but they’ve got a specific flavour that ties them to their associated army:

dais arcanum

shyish reaper

Hard to tell from their preview if this means they will be getting new endless spells in addition to the Malign Sorcery OR if these are just faction specific versions of existing spells. Either way, they look great, and are sure to find a place in hobbyists hearts!

Lady Olynder

One Nighthaunt Wizard that’ll be right at home casting these endless spells is Lady Olynder – the highly anticipated Mortarch of Grief. Available to pre-order alongside the rest of the Nighthaunt releases next week, this magnificent miniature is the ultimate leader for a Nighthaunt army, both as a centrepiece model to tie your collection together and as a key tactical lynchpin. We’ll be taking a closer look at Lady Olynder’s warscroll and what she means for your army next week, so keep an eye out.

lady olynder

This absolutely stunning model is going to draw eyes to your tabletop. This character was spotted in the Nighthaunt video from Warhammer Fest. Could she have been the one that was talking in the video? We still don’t know the rules for the Lady Olynder, but the model looks like its a pretty decent size. This will make a great centerpiece to your army of wraiths and specters.

We’ve now seen two of the three characters that are supposed to come out for Nighthaunt with Kurdoss Valentian being the first.

kurdoss Valentian

You can actually see Lady Olynder in the back right. So who could be the mysterious figure on the left?


Olynder isn’t the only champion of the Nighthaunt out next week, either – you’ll also be able to get your hands on Crawlocke the Jailor and Chainghasts, a set that can be used to represent any Spirit Torment in the game, not to mention their bodyguards…


Grimghast Reapers

These guys are a great addition to any Nighthaunt force – if you’re a matched play fan, they’re a fun way to fill out your Battleline slot, while any army will love their ability to hack through hordes with a hail of armour-shredding attacks. For modellers, meanwhile, you’ll be able to customise your Grimghast Reapers with a variety of chains and scythe assemblies, meaning if you’re fielding a horde of these sinister spirits, you’ll be able to ensure each one looks distinct.

grimghast reapers

The Lord-Exorcist

Finally, the Stormcast Eternals are getting a new Hero specially designed to fight the various spectres and phantoms now infesting the Mortal Realms – the Lord-Exorcist.



Age of Sigmar Accessories

Each battletome will be being accompanied by a set of Warscroll Cards – quick reference rules sheets that make checking those characteristics and special rules on your models simple.

stormcast cards

Looks like GW is taking their game aides to the next level with these newly designed warscroll cards that look amazing. Gone is the dead space GW left under the text in the previous versions, and in its place is a landscape layout that seems to be a better way to show all the rules for each unit!

Last, but not least, you’ll be able to pre-order two new sets of dice this week – one to match the Stormcast Eternals, and one to match the Nighthaunt.

aos dice

You’ll have to wait until Saturday to preorder all these shiny new goodies, but let us know which ones you’ll be adding to your collection!

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