Next Week’s Age of Sigmar Release Lineup REVEALED

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Today we have next weeks Age of Sigmar release lineup information presented by everyone’s favorite Propaganda Officer Comrade Tau.


Hello misinformed gue’la of Imperiums of Manatees, it is I, Water Caste Propaganda Officer Comrade Tau, here once again to telling you of important news from across galaxy with no bias or misinformation, on the weekend edition!

tau fire warrior hor walIt is the June 10, 2018, in the calendar of the stupid Gue’la Terran years, and today I am telling you of weekend news of Gulag Workshop.

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Next week, Gulag Workshop is release NEW EDITION OF INFERIOR GAME THAT DOES NOT HAVE TAU, Age of Sigmarines 2.0. This new box will be costing of the same as Dark Imperium, an also inferior box that does not have Tau. Perhaps instead you will buy shiny new Start Collecting Tau box, is much better investment.

Okay, but for real though here’s the release lineup straight outta GW for Age of Sigmar 2.0 that will be going on pre-order next week with a release date of two weeks later. June 30th.

soul wars pre order line

GW Hints Prices

Soul Wars will cost the same as it’s Warhammer 40,000 counterpart, Dark Imperium – for two armies, the full Core Book, and much more besides, it’s a steal. Meanwhile, Malign Sorcery will set you back no more than a Start Collecting! set – bringing a new kind of battle magic to your game is going to be simple. Finally, the General’s Handbook will be the same price it’s always been.

Dark Imperium is $160 and Start Collecting Boxes are $85

Age of Sigmar Second Edition Release Lineup


Stay tuned for more on AoS 2.0 as the release date approaches. What do you think about the box set, and release lineup? Will you be splitting it with someone or keeping it all to yourself? Let us know in the comments over on our Facebook Hobby Group.

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