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space marine wal hor

Ever make a badass Space Marine Hero and wanted to give him an equally badass backstory? We’ve got you covered with a random background generator.

Roll dice to determine your space marine hero’s merits and accolades. Warning- This generator is not very serious.

D6 for company

Traitor Legions Space Marine Wal Hor

1- First company. Re-roll if he’s not in terminator armor.
2- Second Company
3- Third Company
4- Fourth Company
5- Fifth Company
6- Sixth Company

D6 for merit/quirk

warhammer 40000 space marine Walpaper Horz


1- Marksmanship medal first class.
2- Renowned duelist.
3- He paints… while wearing power fists.
4- Ritual scars or tattoos.
5- Regularly takes naked death world camping trips just to run around in the jungle and murder things.
6- Marathoner- sprints 3 laps around the whole length of the chapter fortress/battle barge every Tuesday for fun.

2D6 For Ridiculous Space Marine Badassery

Space Marine Wal Hor

2- Out of ammo and surrounded, he once beat an entire horde of chaos cultists to death… With their own shoes.
3- He killed 50 Orks. The Orks kept coming at him faster than he could gut them, so he had to gut them faster!
4- As a scout pilot of a land speeder tempest, he buzzed the tower and caused the Techmarine air traffic controller to spill his coffee.
5- He once drove a bike down a Tyranid Mawloc’s throat to choke it, and then cut his way out of the carcass with a Chainsword.
6- He once crushed the skull of a chaos champion by landing boot first on his head from a jump pack launch.
7- He kicked a demon in the ass so hard that it’s butt cheeks exploded into hundreds of tiny demons whose butts then also exploded. It was really weird.
8- Killed a chaos Helbrute by throwing an overheating plasma weapon into the tortured behemoth’s mouth.
9- He doesn’t always drink beer, but when he does, he prefers bugmans best.
10- Outgunned against the tau and presumed dead by his chapter, he waged a one-man guerilla jungle war against their kroot allies, causing a six-month reign of terror until his chapter found him, and eating nothing but Kroot chicken the whole time.
11- He once ate an entire four-door economy car. With a fork.
12- He knows de way to the eye of terror.

2D6 for ridiculously grimdark thing to say

fists imperial space marine wal hor

2- “I will kill you with you my teacup.”
3- “I told Brother Atrius that if  I could kill the Carnifex using only his bolt pistol, I’d give him five bucks. He did it, but died in the process, and now he’s in a dreadnought. So did I win the bet, or do I give the 5 bucks to the dreadnought?”
4- “Shoot the mutant, burn the Xenos, and beat the traitor to death with the butt of your gun, for he is undeserving of a bullet.”
6- “The best part about Eldar spirit stones is that you get to kill them again.”
7- “fire suppressor? I don’t even know her. Did I miss the briefing about Sororitas being in this theater?”
8- “I was elected to lead, not to read.”
9- “If I wanted your crappy opinion, I’d go ask a Nurgle demon.”
10- “stand back, I need to practice my Stabbin.”
11- “That drooling heretic got spittle all over my favorite pair of strangling gauntlets.”
12- “I haven’t killed anyone that fun since M38!”

Don’t cheat. Roll the dice and see what you get. Let us know over in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Page.

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