BREAKING: Spikey Bits Cheated at the ATCs

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I did not win the Age of Sigmar tournament at the American Team Championships this weekend as I was 10 points over on my list.

My army list was 10 points over at the Age of Sigmar tournament this weekend as my handwritten entry on my Azyr printout was off on points. My Forge World Troggoth Hag is actually 380 points NOT the 360 points I had indicated on my list.  It was my responsibility to know the points for my units regardless of if they are in the app or not.

If my list is 10 points over it is no different then using 10 points in plasma pistols that I didn’t pay for.  I believe that a penalty should be enforced on me and other players who are guilty of this, whether it is intentional or not.

I hereby disqualify myself from the event and will sit out all further Age of Sigmar events for the year as a self-imposed competitive suspension.

I would like to sincerely apologize to the community and my opponents from the event, Terry, Michelle, and Dave for my oversight.

I have spoken with the Tournament Organizers and apologized to them as well, and will be shipping the Trophy from the event to the correct winner.


Here was my army that I ran at the event from the AoS Warhammer Age of Sigmar Azyr App that is available on IOS.

Rob ATC List 1 BREAKING: Spikey Bits Cheated at the ATCsRob ATC List 2

Plus a Troggoth Frost Hag Ally for 380 Points (not the 360 I had indicated on my army list, as it was not in programmed in on Azyr at the time).
Robs Trogoth Hag

You can read the original article about this army here.

I will not change my stance on bannings and disqualifications from events because I myself was guilty of a tournament infraction.

Thank you for reading my post.

Rob Baer

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