Forge World Open: Heresy & 40k New Release Road Map

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Wanna know whats coming next from Forge World and the Heresy? Here’s our ideas on new previews Sunday at the 2018 Forge World Open!

Warhammer World will be open July 15th for a day of previews from Forge World among other things. What could we be seeing?

Forge World Open: Heresy & 40k New Release Road Map

forge world open 2018

We’ve already been let in on some of the stuff that is coming to Horus Heresy. Sanguinius (eventually), Daemons, and maybe even more Custodes. The 8th Book for Horus Heresy was rebranded as Malevolence as well. Here’s our bold predictions of what we may be seeing on Sunday.

Going back to the Live stream a while back, Forge World previewed all sorts of models and dropped hints that a new book and Sanguinius was coming. We just don’t know when. Let’s look at the highlights from the post.

WarhammerTV gave us the details what is coming from Forge World into Horus Heresy.

A new Rulebook?

forge world stream book 8

Book VIII, Malevolence, will be primarily about Blood Angels & White Scars. In addition, there will be a focus on Alpha Legion and Space Wolves.

forge world stream book factions

forge world stream book factions 1

forge world stream book factions 2

There are stronger and more different Daemons battling out of the warp against the Legions, and these Daemons will be a standalone army. The Daemons of the Ruinstorm will be creatures of the warp working in unison from all parts. Not just under any Chaos God’s control. This book will contain rules for the Blood Angel and White Scar Legions and the Ruinstorm Daemons.

The unique thing about the Daemons is that they can’t be summoned like other normal Daemons.

New Models for Horus Heresy

We know that Forge World has these models in the works. With Alpharius being the newest Primarch, it would make sense that we see even more Alpha Legion show up. There are also rumors of Sanguinius EVENTUALLY returning. If the rumor is true, it would only be logical that we see some Blood Angels units starting to pop up as well.

forge world stream model 1 alpha legion

Alpha Legion Praetors

forge world stream blood angel cataphractii

Blood Angels praetor

Talons of the Emperor for 40k

There will also be a new Imperial Armor book that focuses on the Talons of the Emperor that will update rules for these factions into 40k. We REALLY need this for those poor, poor Grey Knights and Sisters.

With datasheets for using your Forge World Adeptus Custodes, an expanded list of units for the Grey Knights, and rules for using your Sisters of Silence as a standalone army, this book is going to be a treat for Imperium players .

Currently, we are still waiting for the Fires of Cyracus book that has been previewed for the last two years and looks to feature Tau, Mechanicum / Mechanicus, and Red Scorpions (Space Marines)

What Else Could Be on the Menu?

We also got a peek at the Mechanicum Knight Acastus – first previewed at the Horus Heresy & Necromunda Weekender, this titanic Knight answers the question “what if you combined the Acastus Knight Porphyrion with even more barely understood and horrifying techno-weaponry from the Age of Darkness?”:

The classic style of the Land Speeder is coming back as well currently as a FW Exclusive item at Warhammer World.

forge world stream land speeder old

forge world stream land speeder old weapons

Land Speeder with MKII Marines

The new Land Speeder kit will come with all kinds of different weapon options, and pays homage back to the original MK1 pewter design from 30 years ago:

Very soon, the Land Speeder will be receiving similar treatment, as this classic design is brought to life in glorious resin. The new Forge World Land Speeder captures the spirit of its progenitor perfectly – while the mould lines may be crisper and the detail a lot sharper, there’s no mistaking the influence of Rogue Trader here:



forge world stream mole

Mechanicum Mole

The Mechanicum are getting their own version of a Termite, which looks like it’ll be a tunneling monstrosity.

40K Forge World Preview

Coming to 40k, a hulking behemoth for the Necrons. We just don’t know when we will see it hit the website.

necron LOW 2

necron LOW

Necron Lord of War

Because of what could be previewed, Warhammer World will be getting spotlight-coverage on Sunday. Check back with us to stay up-to-date on everything that drops. These have been some pretty bold predictions of what we might be seeing and they may even be true!

With all of that covered, what new models do you think will be previewed at Warhammer World? What are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group.

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