GW Previews Kill Team Rules & Releases

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40k Kill team rules and releases have finally been previewed this morning by GW. Sit back, buckle up, and enjoy all the details on this new release!

Warhammer Community dropped a hefty preview this morning of what’s coming to Kill Team. There’s a lot of information to break down so we will be hitting the key points on playstyle, box sets, terrain, and accessories.

It looks like some of the rumors we reported on were true after all. So with that, let’s dive straight into the details.

Skirmish is back for 40k with expansions like Shadespire. But on 2×2 table mats with terrain, with eventual new model support. GW plans for it to be as big as shadespire was that they were not prepared for.

GW Previews Kill Team Rules & Releases

KT chart

If you’re new to Kill Team, it is a game based around leveling up your squad to make them specialized and lethal. Every loss is devastating. You want your unit to work like a well-oiled machine to get the job done. As games progress, you can specialize your units even further. You’ll see charts like the one above to help you gear your crew just how you’d like.

Kill Team uses a form of alternating activations – in some phases, you’ll take it in turns to use each of your fighters, acting and reacting to transform every moment of the game into a tense battle of wits where a single mistake can be deadly.

KT narrative missions

Kill Team places your units behind enemy lines in missions of subterfuge, assassination and sabotage. From planting bombs to slaying VIPs and sabotaging supply lines, these missions are a far cry from the take-and-hold pitched warfare of Warhammer 40,000.

Kill Team Box Set

Here’s a breakdown of what will be inside the box set.

KT box set

kt box set 2

kt core manual

It looks like the post about the supposed Rogue Trader/ Kill Team book that was posted on another site was a HOAX! These images are coming straight from Warhammer Community so you know these are the real deal.


KT kill zone

Each Killzone will be a Kill Team expansion coming in its own box.

To help you make the most of terrain in your games, we’re making it simpler than ever to collect with a brand new kind of expansion – Killzones. These are your one-stop shop for scenery, each containing a double-sided board, a full set of terrain and unique Tactics, all for less than getting the items inside separately.

kt killzone 2

Space Wolves & Orks Start Set

KT start sets GW Previews Kill Team Rules & Releases

Remember all the talk a while back about a possible box set of Space Wolves and Ork “expansion” around the time of their Codex? Could this be what people were mentioning?

kt starter orks

kt starter wolves

Best Terrain Since Sliced Bread

kt modular terain GW Previews Kill Team Rules & Releases

This is the latest release from the terrain department from Games Workshop. The terrain is incredibly detailed and the best part is that it’s all modular and compatible with one another. You’ll be able to piece ruins together to keep creating unique battlefields.

It’s the most grimdark Legos we’ve ever seen!

kt modular terain 1

Accessories with Kill Team

kt dice

kt case

kt datacards

Of course, GW wouldn’t leave you hanging without any new accessories with an announcement this big. They’ll be releasing dice, cases, and data cards for your Kill Team.

All in all, it looks like we were right about the rumor of Skitarii and GSC becoming a Kill Team along with the new terrain. What an exciting time for anyone wanting to get into the game. What do you think about the previews? Will you be getting some terrain to use for 40k as well? What Kill Team are you going to be playing?

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kill team art

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