Latest on ITC Floor Rules, Bannings, & Cheaters

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The ITC has stepped up to set the standard for Sportsmanship with new floor rules. We’ve just got a more in-depth idea on what these rules will cover.

It seems like all we hear from Warhammer Tournaments are people cheating as of late. In reality, it’s always been a thing but it’s just getting more coverage since most top games are broadcasted now LIVE.

The ITC Frontline Gaming crew has decided to step in and give the coming players some floor rules to follow. It’ll be a list of guidelines to help both players and judges alike.

The ITC Floor Rules Update

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Reece, on the latest Frontline Gaming Twitch broadcast and told us what’s coming to the ITC.

Floor Rules are in the works as we speak. These will be etiquette rules for players and judges. Similar to the Bill of Rights above.

“It will give people some guidelines. You don’t have to use them if you don’t want to. Just like anything in the ITC, its optional. But it will help resolve these kinds of situations. It’ll have things like what do you do when a die goes off the table? What do you do when you can’t tell what someone’s models are? All kinds of stuff like declaring your rolls before you roll them. How to conduct good sportsmanship. It’ll help to streamline the event for everybody.”

Kenny Spoke with Reece after the ATC  and it looks like the Version 1 of the Floor Rules will be for things like being points over on your list, sloppy play, slow play, using items not paid for etc.

Latest on ITC Floor Rules, Bannings, & Cheaters

Reece talked with the Rob yesterday and had some things to say that gave us a better idea on what these floor rules will look like.

“system of etiquette rules similar to what they have in pro poker, or with chess, MtG, etc. to help players and judges understand what is expected of attendees at a tournament in regards to conduct. It will also explain how to handle infractions but the point isn’t a system of punishment, but to establish a baseline to bridge the gaps the gray areas of the rules leave and which can cause conflict during a tournament game.

if push comes to shove with repeat offenders we will have ITC wide sanctions that can go as far as a ban but that is for extreme cases only
most likely if you are bad sport or blatantly cheat, you won’t be able to score points for your next X events but what triggers that will be very clearly defined.”

digital chess clock 1 ATC Weekend & Slow Play Will Be A Problem: Episode 156

We will also be seeing some Chess clocks make an appearance at BAO 2018

“Be prepared to have fun and be sure to read the Chess clock rules. Because as we’ve been talking about, we will be using them. Not everyone is going to be using them because we don’t think that’s even the right approach with clocks. But we are going to be using them day two.”

“This is a big experiment. We are only going to be using them day one if both people at the table request a clock. Day two, if you have a winning record, there will be one on the table because we want games to finish.”

Hopefully, we will have a packet of actual rules and specifics today as Reece is shooting for so we can prepare for all the Major events upcoming in the ITC.  The Frontline Gaming crew has definitely been working hard to improve the play for everyone involved.

What do you think about the Chess clocks? What guidelines need to be in place for players to follow?  Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group.

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