New Pics Spotted: Kill Team Rogue Trader Boxed Game

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Kill Team Rogue Trader is getting a bit of a story advancement this morning. We’ve got an idea of what the setting for the game finally looks like.

From the latest pics on Faeit, We know that the scary mutant creatures were actually a part of Nurgle’s many blessings and the game will take place on a ship called The New Dawn. There’s still so much more to break down so without further delay, let’s dive in.

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Nurgling in the Punch Bowl

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The latest pics had some small snapshots of the book that gave the backstory of the game and put the player in the setting. Basically, the ships’ Geller field generator became possessed with a Warp entity and it decided he wanted to crash the party.

The Warp entity infected some of the crew with a techno-virus. Starting with the engine master, he became infected and his body ended up absorbing his two crew members.

Ultimately, the sickness ended up spreading to other parts of the ship until a real fighting force was gathered by Rogue Traders on the ship to try and contain the Warp Virus.

New Pics Spotted: Kill Team Rogue Trader Boxed Game

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Let’s take a look at what we may be calling these units and characters. Remember to take this with a grain of salt as nothing has been official just yet.

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  • Gellerpox Mutants- These are the crewmembers that were “blessed” with a Nurgle-esque techno-virus.
  • Vulgrar Thrice-Cursed- The Leader of the Gellerpox Mutants.

New Pics Spotted: Kill Team Rogue Trader Boxed Game

  • Nightmare Hulks- Giant creatures with spikes, tentacles, and sharp claws.

RTKT 1 New Pics Spotted: Kill Team Rogue Trader Boxed Game

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This guy seems to fit the description of a NIghtmare Hulk.

  • Mutoid Vermin


  • Starstriders- The name of the Roge Trader crew dealing with the outbreak.

Keep an Eye Out

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Keep an eye out for even more news and rumors to pop up as we get closer to this game’s release date. Just remember to take anything you see at this point with a side of salt.

As for now, take a look at that artwork. Is the Character with the furnace for a belly Vulgrar? Could the engine master be Vulgrar? He does have two heads and a third arm popping out of his back so it would fit the description of him absorbing his crew’s bodies. Will we be seeing Nurglings on the ship helping out the newly-infected? Let us know what you think in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group.

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