Save Hobby $$ With Battle for Pelennor Fields Starter

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riders of rohan

Check out how much hobby dollars you may save with the new Battle for Pelennor Fields starter box that Forge World Open previewed recently!

We don’t know the price of Pelennor fields just yet but we are going to be looking at the potential values based off of models we’ve seen before. If you haven’t seen the original preview post from our Forge World Open coverage, you can check it out now.

Pelennor Fields

Battle Of Pelennor Fields

We know the starter set will be plastic and we’ve even seen most of the models before. Could Forge World just be firing up some old sprues? Either way, since the first LOTR and War of the Ring games, debuted back in the 2000’s we’ve seen the price jump pretty high on older LOTR models.

Now may be a good time pick up the new edition of the game and continue the fight for Middle Earth

Let’s look at what comes inside:

fw open lotr 2 Save Hobby $$ With Battle for Pelennor Fields Starter

fw open lotr 3

Starting off with the Forces of Rohan, it looks like there are twelve riders on horseback, Warriors on foot, and Theoden both on and off horseback.

Now take a look at the previous models’ prices, all coming straight off of Games Workshop’s website.

Save Hobby $$ With Battle for Pelennor Fields Starter

6 Riders of Rohan $29.75 
riders of rohan gw

The display case looks like it’s got twelve riders total. You’re already looking at $60 value.

12 Warriors of Rohan $24.75

warriors of rohan

King Theoden (Helms Deep Version) $36.25theoden

Keep in mind he’s getting a new model. But the price should be about the same.

Moving on to the other models in the case, it looks like there are around twenty Morannon Orcs, a Winged Nazgul, a Mordor Troll, and Warriors of the Dead.

Morannon Orcs $40.00

morannon orcs

Keep in mind that it looks like there’s more than just one unit in the glass case. It looks like there’s actually about $60 dollars worth of orcs.

Winged Nazgul $62


Mordor/Isengard Troll $41.25 mordor troll

Warriors of the Dead $40

warriors of the dead

The case looks like there are 20 of the models so we’re guessing the price point to be about $40.

Plus you also get the rulebook itself, a $6o value!

Middle-earth™ Strategy Battle Game Rules Manual

Grand Total model price: $394

Generally speaking, we’ve seen the box sets that sell for $160 to be about $300 of value just in models. We know the box is also coming with a new rulebook which will definitely have some value to it as well.

We don’t have a confirmed price just yet but keep an eye out for more previews on the box as it’s supposed to come out sometime in August.

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