The Serpent’s Coil: Latest Rumor Engine Spotted

By Wesley Floyd | April 2nd, 2019 | Categories: GW Rumor Engine, News / Rumors, Warhammer Community

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A rumor engine is hot off the press this morning and we want your opinion on what it could be. Take a look and leave an educated guess!

Warhammer Community previewed another rumor engine this morning and it’s looking like it may have something to do with a really long tail. Maybe even a Serpent. Without further ado, here it is.

If you missed last week’s rumor engine, you can check it out now. Have you already solved that one, and are on the prowl for an even bigger mystery? Check out the latest rumor engine reveal below!

The Serpent’s Coil: Latest Rumor Engine Spotted

rumor engine 7-31-18 The Serpent's Coil: Latest Rumor Engine Spotted

Whatever this is, it’s very thin. It could be something like a tail. Or maybe even some armored tendrils. We aren’t for sure, but it looks like the big mass is a rock. The tails are doing a pretty good job at hiding the detail so we can’t say for certain.

At first glance, we thought it could have been something with a very long tail coiling around a rock. It actually looks like it could be similar to the Verminlord on his base.

verminlord deciever

Something about the rumor engine pic has a Tyranid sort-of vibe to it though. What could the design on the scales be? Could this be a new Tyranid model or something like a new Serpent model for Daughters of Khaine in AoS?

Warhammer Community does have a habit of flipping images, but with the (possible rock) on the bottom of the image, something is telling us that this one hasn’t been flipped.

What do you think the rumor engine pic could be? Do you know what universe it could be a part of? Could it be a Tyranid beast or some kind of serpent for Daughters of Khaine or even Deepkin?

Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group.

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