Their Best Demon Yet? Creature Caster King of War

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Their Best Demon Yet? Creature Caster King of War

Creature Casters latest Demon may be one of the best models out there. Take a peek at this amazing miniature and how he sizes up to others of his ilk.

Emerging with a roar from the abyss comes the King of War himself.  Creature Caster has grown since their Kickstarter and improved over the last year quite a bit. Each model has been more intricate and higher quality than before.

Their Best Demon Yet? Creature Caster King of War

This demon is fantastic with great new features. Take a look at this quick overview of the King of War and be sure to watch the full unboxing video below!

King of War $109

king of war pieces

Presenting our first model from the King line of Creature Caster Miniatures. Towering a monsterous 25.5 cm to the top of his wings the King of War still fits on a 100mm round base (full custom base included). We are really proud of this new model and consider him the pinnacle of Creature Caster achievement. Finely detailed armour covers this miniature, complete with heavy plates, and intricate skull mail. His monstrous axe crushes the ground giving him a unique and dynamic pose that maintains incredible stability and strength. Pieces slot together tightly and easily, and come premarked for magnetization or pinning purposes. This is one epic brute that brings a terrifying majesty to the tabletop.

king of war demon

The King of War model comes with a new addition: a sculpted, beveled 100mm base. The base includes their logo underneath as well! Each piece on the model is very well detailed, which is fantastic to see.

Each skull on the base is distinct with fantastic details. The ax has texture built into the hilt and dents on the blade itself. The armor and trim are amazing and even has chainmail made out of skulls!

armour detail

The model comes with different face options – one with a faceplate and one with a snarl. Overall, this model looks absolutely amazing! The model is 25.5cm tall. The wings can be changed out with another back option but look absolutely fantastic.

king of war

Compared to the Bloodthirster, well…there is no comparison. The resin King of War is much more detailed and is a larger miniature. It definitely looks like it will do more damage and strike fear into the hearts of enemies. Hail to the King!

To get your own King of War, as well as to see the other amazing models available, check out Creature Caster’s website. Be sure to press play on the video below and see the entire review for yourself!

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